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Trust Army Initiative Introduced by Cybersecurity Innovator Hacken

Fri, 11/11/2022 - 11:48
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Vladislav Sopov
Hacken launches community-driven program Trust Army for next generation of Web3 data experts and leading Web3 teams
Trust Army Initiative Introduced by Cybersecurity Innovator Hacken
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The team at Hacken, a top-tier cybersecurity provider in crypto and seasoned auditor of smart contracts, shares the details of its public goods project built to make Web3 trustworthy.

Hacken launches Trust Army to advance Web3 security ecosystem

According to the official announcement shared by Hacken, a high-profile security vendor for blockchain platforms, it is starting Trust Army, an initiative designed to connect cryptocurrency projects, security researchers and Web3 newbies to each other.

Trust Army members will complete research tasks aimed at evaluating a project's reliability. For doing so, successful enthusiasts will receive income in HAI, a core native cryptocurrency of the Hacken ecosystem.

Namely, the participants of the new program will be invited to collect information about tokenomics, allocations and vesting schemes. Also, they can get bonuses for spreading the data through a network of verified data partners.

Alongside completing tasks and challenges, Trust Army “soldiers” can leverage academy education courses to upgrade their understanding of cryptocurrency markets, trading, infosec, backend engineering and other skills. The most successful attendees will be invited to join the core teams of the top five Web3 security firms, including Hacken.

HAI rewards for Trust Army enthusiasts

Once the challenges are completed, high-level community members of Hacken will validate users’ data online. The tasks will be of various levels of complexity: crypto enthusiasts with different levels of expertise will be allowed to try it and contribute to progress toward a common mission.

As participants receive HAI tokens, they will be able to either stake them or seamlessly withdraw them through a crypto-to-fiat paygate. HAI stakers will generate passive income with competitive APY rates.

Hacken has started a whitelisting campaign for its Trust Army program. Enthusiasts should fill out a form with personal details, join the main Hacken Discord server and install the HackenAI application to start receiving payouts in HAI.

In the coming weeks, Hacken is going to roll out seven missions with income-earning opportunities in three different phases. Also, cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be able to participate in referral programs, NFT initiatives with ranking and certificates and so on. Tokenized certificates (achievement NFTs) will be used for enlisting people for data analyst positions at Hacken.

Soon after launch, Trust Army will be transformed into a full-fledged Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a distributed community-driven manner of governance.

Crypto scams are on fire: Why does security matter?

CEO of Hacken, Dyma Budorin, highlights the lethal importance of security mechanisms for the current phase of the Web3 revolution:

The ratio of rug pulls to the total amount of emerging crypto projects undermines the industry's credibility. The crypto sector is full of projects offering lucrative conditions just to lure people into their fraudulent schemes, and the stats show that the situation doesn’t get any better. Yet, it is fixable. This is exactly the focus of the Trust Army.

It is worth noting that Hacken is among the largest cybersecurity vendors of the cryptocurrencies segment. Its portfolio features CoinGecko, Avalanche, Near, Polygon and dozens of other blockchains and cryptocurrency services.

Over 50% of Attacks on DeFi Ecosystems Use This Vector: Researcher

Its Trust Army initiative is set to address an ambitious goal: crypto investors lost over $2.8 billion to “rug pulls” in 2021 alone. This type of attack can be prevented by proactive analysis of the technical design of smart contracts and the backend and frontend of crypto applications.

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