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XFood Token ($XFT) Ushers in a New Era of Food Transparency with a Grand Public Sale Event in Bali

Tue, 16/04/2024 - 11:17
XFood Token ($XFT) Ushers in a New Era of Food Transparency with a Grand Public Sale Event in Bali
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Bali, Indonesia – The revolutionary XFood Token ($XFT), the cryptocurrency aiming to transform the global food supply chain with a focus on transparency, sustainability, and halal compliance, is announcing its much-anticipated public sales event. Set against the backdrop of the upcoming Bitcoin Halving, this event is more than a sale; it's a statement of change, hosted at the vibrant Core Hub in Bali.


A Synergy of Technology and Tradition

As the crypto-community gears up for the Bitcoin Halving, a process that halves the reward for mining new blocks and is anticipated to occur in 2024, XFood Token is positioning itself at the forefront of an industry ripe for innovation. The event at Core Hub — Bali's melting pot of cultural heritage and technological advancement — symbolizes the convergence of ancient food traditions with the cutting edge of blockchain and AI.

Decentralizing the Food Industry

The XFood Token initiative is grounded in creating a decentralized platform that offers real-time data sharing and tamper-proof records to ensure full visibility throughout the food supply chain. From 'farm to fork', the XFT platform promises enhanced trust among stakeholders and consumers alike, fostering confidence and a sense of community in the food we consume.

Embracing Sustainable and Ethical Practices

In line with Bali's spirit of harmony and sustainability, XFood Token champions eco-friendly business models and halal food compliance. "We're not just creating a token; we're cultivating a movement towards more responsible food production and consumption," says Dr. Cecep Muhammad Wahyudin, a key figure behind XFT. The event will highlight how tokenization can support sustainable practices, reduce waste, and assure adherence to halal standards.

Join the Revolution

The public sales event invites investors, food industry experts, blockchain enthusiasts, and the eco-conscious community to be part of a transformative journey. Attendees will enjoy engaging talks, live demonstrations, and networking opportunities, all while having the first opportunity to purchase XFT tokens. "It's a chance to invest in a token that's nourishing the future," Dr. Cecep adds.

A Culinary and Cryptocurrency Fusion

Fittingly held in Bali, known for its exquisite cuisine and as a hub for digital nomads, the event promises a blend of gourmet food tastings infused with discussions on cryptocurrency's role in sustainable development. "We aim to leave our guests with a taste of innovation — both literally and intellectually," says Adi, co-founder of XFT.


As XFT steps onto the world stage in Bali, it brings with it a vision for a more transparent, efficient, and ethical food supply chain. The public sale event, coinciding with a pivotal moment in cryptocurrency history, marks the beginning of what could be the future standard of food industry operations.

About XFood Token ($XFT)

XFood Token is a blockchain initiative aimed at revolutionizing the food supply chain by integrating AI to ensure transparency, enhance trust, and promote sustainable and halal food practices. Learn more about how XFT is building a better future for food at

Event Details

  • Date: 20th April 2024
  • Time: 4pm - 10pm
  • Venue: Core Hub, Bali, Indonesia


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