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WEEX WXT Presale Launch and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Connect, Celebrate and Engage

Wed, 12/06/2024 - 15:53
WEEX WXT Presale Launch and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Connect, Celebrate and Engage
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Singapore, 12th June 2024 – WEEX Global is excited to announce the presale of its token, WXT, alongside a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony. This significant event marks a new chapter for the WEEX ecosystem, introducing WEEX WXT as a pivotal component designed to enhance user engagement and provide exclusive incentives within the platform.


WEEX WXT Presale: A Unique Opportunity

The WXT presale offers early investors a unique opportunity to become part of WEEX’s dynamic ecosystem. The presale is designed to provide exclusive access to WXT tokens, allowing participants to leverage the platform's advanced features and trading capabilities. Detailed information about the presale can be found here.

WEEX WXT Presale Details: Maximizing Value for Participants

WEEX officially launched the presale channel for its platform token, WEEX Token (WXT), to channel partners starting at 0:00 Singapore time on June 1. 

The presale rules are as follows: Affiliates would invite new users to register with WEEX. New users participating in the event can receive a free airdrop of WXT (up to 37,600 WXT per user), while affiliates receive points (up to 1,000 points per new user). Affiliates can unlock corresponding presale quotas based on the proportion of their points to the total points and purchase WXT at a 30% discount.

The total presale quota for WXT will dynamically change with the total points. The initial quota is 10 million WXT; when the total points exceed 300,000, a quota of 30 million WXT will be unlocked; when the total points exceed 400,000, a quota of 40 million WXT will be unlocked, and so on, up to a maximum quota of 70 million WXT. The WXT distributed in this presale will be locked for 12 months, and then will be linearly released over the next 12 months.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Marking the Beginning of a New Chapter

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will officially inaugurate the presale. This ceremony symbolizes the start of a new chapter for WEEX, one that promises innovation, growth, and enhanced user experiences. Attendees will include key stakeholders, industry leaders, and media representatives, all witnessing the platform's commitment to excellence and transparency.

As part of WEEX’s ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences and fostering a thriving trading community, WEEX is excited to introduce a series of rewarding tasks designed to enhance user engagement as follow (click here for further information and event rules) :

Beginner’s Tasks and Rewards

Futures Trading Task

WEEX is committed to delivering a trading experience that is both secure and user-friendly. The platform’s cutting-edge technology, coupled with its dedication to customer satisfaction, ensures that traders have access to the tools they need to succeed in the fast-paced digital asset market.

Aside from the Ribbon Cutting Event tasks, WEEX has launched the WXT Futures Carnival. The activities, detailed here, include a variety of tasks and challenges that offer participants the chance to earn additional rewards and bonuses.

Get Involved: How to Participate in the WEEX WXT Presale

As WEEX continues to expand its global presence, the WXT presale and ribbon-cutting ceremony mark the beginning of an exciting journey. The platform's vision is to create a trading environment that is accessible, efficient, and empowering for all users.

Join WEEX in celebrating this significant milestone and take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by the WXT presale. Together, we are shaping the future of digital trading.

To participate in the WEEX WXT presale and the WXT Futures Carnival, visit the WEEX WXT page. Detailed information on how to acquire WXT, participate in events, and engage with the WEEX community is available on the website. WEEX ensures a seamless process for purchasing WXT, allowing early adopters to quickly secure their tokens.

About WEEX

WEEX emerges as a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange, established in 2018, renowned for its steadfast commitment to security and its intuitive trading platform. Holding licenses from both US and Canadian MSBs, WEEX operates under stringent regulatory oversight, providing traders with a diverse selection of coins and trading pairs. Noteworthy offerings include Spot 116 and Futures Pro 225, with over 5 new pairs introduced daily. As a security-centric and user-centric cryptocurrency futures trading platform, WEEX is dedicated to enriching the trading experience, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to traders of all levels. These services encompass low-fee futures trading, zero-fee spot trading, and the option to leverage up to 200X on derivatives. WEEX's unwavering focus on user security and its reputation as a versatile platform for traders worldwide in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape cement its status as a premier exchange.

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