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Pioneering the Future of Digital Asset Management and Trading with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Solutions: Exclusive Interview with Anil Marc Sethi, CEO of Creed & Bear

Tue, 08/15/2023 - 07:37
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Rimma Trukhina
CEO of fintech company Creed and Bear discusses the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in solving digital asset management challenges
Pioneering the Future of Digital Asset Management and Trading with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Solutions: Exclusive Interview with Anil Marc Sethi, CEO of Creed & Bear
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Anil Marc Sethi serves as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Creed and Bear, a fintech company specializing in the development of automated trading algorithms using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve digital asset management and digital asset trading challenges.

In an exclusive interview with Anil Marc Sethi, we explore the complexities of digital assets and how AI and ML bring solutions to digital asset management.

U.Today: Can you provide a concise summary of your background and expertise in the financial industry?

I have had the privilege of accumulating 23 years of invaluable experience in banking and wealth management, working with esteemed institutions such as EFG (Middle East), UBS, HSBC, J. Safra, and BNP Paribas. Over the last decade, my journey and primary focus has been dedicated to shaping the financial landscape of the Middle East market.

U.Today: Can you share with us a brief overview of Creed & Bear?

Creed & Bear was founded in Switzerland in 2012, primarily focusing on developing automated trading algorithms for currency and stock markets. However, a significant milestone in the company's growth came in 2022 when it expanded its operations to the MENA region. This expansion was marked by the inauguration of a new office in Dubai and a strategic shift toward venturing into developing trading software for digital assets using AI and ML. The foundation of Creed & Bear was rooted in the belief that technology could reshape the Digital Asset Management and trading landscape.

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U.Today: What emerging trends do you see in the current landscape of digital asset trading, and how are industry participants positioning themselves to capitalize on these opportunities?

The rebound in digital assets in Q1 & Q2 of 2023 with Bitcoin soaring above $30,000 and the continued spotlight on AI technology have been the biggest industry trends in 2023 so far. There are tremendous opportunities for industry participants to leverage AI for predictive analytics, expand AI solutions to new digital financial instruments and explore potential partnerships with ever-growing fintech companies to drive growth.

U.Today: Digital asset management involves handling a substantial amount of data. Give us an insight into how Creed & Bear's trading software processes data.

Our digital asset trading software has the ability to manage and execute a trade in under four nanoseconds; additionally, it can read and process seven billion transactions per microsecond.

With this performance, we strongly believe that our clients can gain a significant competitive edge in the fast-paced world of financial markets.

What are some of the significant milestones or achievements you have experienced so far?"In 2022, we made the decision not only to set up an office in Dubai but rather move our headquarters from Switzerland to Dubai. We have gone on to build an excellent team of tech experts comprising some of the brightest minds from all over the world. In the same year, we were among the sponsors and exhibitors of GITEX 2022, which is the biggest tech event in the world.

U.Today: What is your long-term vision for Creed & Bear in a rapidly evolving fintech industry, and how do you plan to achieve it?

Our long-term vision for Creed & Bear is to become the industry leader in providing digital asset management trading software solutions for digital asset trading. We aim to continuously push the boundaries of AI and ML innovation to empower our clients with advanced algorithms, enabling them to thrive in the ever-changing financial landscape.

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