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Legendary Trader John Bollinger Says Bitcoin (BTC) Getting Squeezed

Tue, 07/11/2023 - 08:20
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Arman Shirinyan
Bitcoin might soon shows us some interesting moves as widely used indicator hints at volatility squeeze
Legendary Trader John Bollinger Says Bitcoin (BTC) Getting Squeezed
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Among technical analysts, there are few indicators as well known or widely used as the Bollinger Bands. Named after their creator, legendary trader John Bollinger, these bands serve as a measure of volatility and potential price levels where an asset might find support or resistance. Recently, Bollinger himself took to Twitter to provide his analysis of current Bitcoin (BTC) market conditions, stating succinctly: "SQUEEZE (says the python)."

This comment was in reference to the current position of Bitcoin within its Bollinger Bands. The cryptocurrency is experiencing a "squeeze," which means that it is sandwiched between the upper and lower bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator. Such situations are typically precursors to significant price movements, either up or down.

This "squeeze" is especially interesting when paired with the current market volume for Bitcoin. The trading volume has been on a downward trend, a condition that often precedes a breakout move. The squeeze of the Bollinger Bands combined with diminishing volume creates an environment of mounting pressure. Like a coiled spring, the price action could suddenly burst in either direction.

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The exact direction of this potential move remains uncertain. Bollinger Bands can signal both bullish and bearish breakouts, and the direction depends on a variety of other factors, including broader market sentiment, fundamental news and the reactions of market participants.

However, traders who utilize Bollinger Bands in their technical analysis watch for these "squeezes" as potential indicators of upcoming price volatility. The contraction of the bands can be viewed as the calm before the storm. It is a time of decreased volatility before the price makes a significant movement, and it could be a crucial turning point for Bitcoin's price trajectory.

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