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KickCoin Rises Big in Just 24 Hours: Why it Matters For the EOS Community

Mon, 07/16/2018 - 09:59
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Yuri Molchan
Why KickCoin recent growth matters for the EOS community
KickCoin Rises Big in Just 24 Hours: Why it Matters For the EOS Community
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This weekend was an ordinary one. The majority of coins were gradually rising, taking small steps up. However, just one coin, which has been lost by media and market attention for quite a while already, has grabbed our attention.

KickCoin (KICK), the ERC20 token for the KICKICO crowdfunding platform, suddenly went up the charts. assures that within the last 24 hours the token has jumped up 21 percent.


Reasons for growth

This could be also an ordinary thing since the pump-and-dump strategy is a usual one too. However, a brief look at the social networks and Telegram-chats shows a few curious facts:

  1. On Sunday, the company placed 31 new vacancies on its website in locations all over the world: Hong Kong, South Korea, China, California US, the UAE, etc. Among the proposed options are the positions of EOS-developers (KICK operates on the basis of Ethereum).
  2. The KICKICO team is actively attending conferences, meetups and various hackathons around the world, in which it reportedly negotiates with EOS Block Producers.
  3. The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign for an obscure but promising project called U.Community. It aims to create “a multifunctional platform for the day to day life of the Blockchain community” with Artificial Intelligence, analytics, a cryptocurrency exchange and rewards for token holders. The site of the project looks pretty much like a parked page, however, it has the EOS emblem on it.
  4. Traders’ chats are full of rumors that soon the coin is to be listed on a large, yet unnamed, crypto exchange. The reports are being stimulated by the active buying of KICK tokens.


Moving onto a new base

Basically, a few conclusions can already be made. An Ethereum-based platform that has been quiet for around half year may be considering the EOS Blockchain adoption in some form. Most likely, it either wants to launch a separate project on it or take its whole ecosystem to the new base.

EOS vs Ethereum

While EOS is doing its best to become an innovative replacement for Ethereum and get past it on the Blockchain highway, it still cannot offer its users any real product.

So far, EOS has been the basis mostly for development tools and some simple games. Nevertheless, the potential of this system is widely regarded as pretty high, so it is only the matter of time when new innovative solutions start making their way out of EOS and onto the market.


If you compare Ethereum and EOS, the latter has quite a few advantages which Vitalik’s platform does not. Particularly, it’s the capacity– EOS recently has been enabled to verify 991 transactions per second. Ethereum does only 15 during the same period of time.


Let’s just imagine that the KICKICO platform, created by a Russian team, decides to cooperate with EOS. If they launch a big-scale product for the crypto community on that Blockchain, we may well see not only their token’s further market growth but also a big evolutionary step forward for the young EOS itself, offering a new momentum for crypto users.

If we take the most positive scenario, this all should also coincide with a new bullish market trend, which is expected to start as institutional investors join the crypto market and bring their money on it.

Obviously, there are too many assumptions here and it is too early to jump to any final conclusions. We will keep watching how the events roll out.


Speaking of changing Ethereum for EOS, the Blockchain analog of Wikipedia, Everipedia– has previously stated about doing it. Apparently, they find the opportunities offered by EOS more attractive and promising.

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His articles have been quoted by such crypto influencers as Tyler Winklevoss, John McAfee, CZ Binance, Max Keiser, etc.

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