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Here's How You Can Buy a Piece of Ertha Land as NFT

Fri, 10/29/2021 - 17:00
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Vladislav Sopov
With Ertha Metaverse, traders can participate in "Play-to-Earn" and "Play-to-Learn" initiatives simultaneously
Here's How You Can Buy a Piece of Ertha Land as NFT
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Ertha (derived from "Earth") is an eccentric NFT-oriented project built around a metaverse that mirrors Earth's surface. Its players can experiment with various strategies in economic, political, industrial and social progress.

Ertha Land introduces NFT-centric game with 350,000 tokens

According to the official statement by Ertha Land, a project that "splits" Earth's surface into digital collectibles, has started its public NFT sale. In all, the team of Ertha Land is going to release 350,000 NFTs.

Ertha starts releasing its 350,000 NFTs drop
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Ertha Land's tokens have various characteristics in terms of resources and features. These characteristics correlate with the details of "underlying" countries.

For instance, the owner of the NFT associated with Saudi Arabia will be able to trade oil and gas and operate large-scale oil refineries. All "Saudi Arabia" cards were sold in almost no time.

As interest in NFT segment progress targets new highs, 2,000 tokens by Ertha Land ("hexs") are already distributed between the project's enthusiasts.

Besides interacting with digital tokens, the supporters of Ertha Land will earn real-world income from their in-game activities. As such, it is one of the most unusual GameFi protocols.

Bringing "Play-to-Earn" and "Play-to-Learn" concepts closer

Besides earning and trading NFTs and obtaining passive income, Ertha Land enthusiasts will be able to learn more about the countries and regions of the world, as well as about the digital economy, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Thus, according to Ertha Land's team statement, all of its players will go through an unparalleled experience in its large integral metaverse:

Ertha's unique P2E and P2L (Play-to-Learn) combination, stimulates the adrenaline receptors of future gamers and gets them thinking about upcoming strategies.

Besides individual tournaments and challenges, Ertha Land's players have already originated a number of clans (groups) to implement more sophisticated in-game strategies.

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