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How to Buy VeChain (VEN) in USA: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 09:16
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George Shnurenko
Assume you have bought Ether on Gemini or Coinbase and want to transfer it to Binance.
How to Buy VeChain (VEN) in USA: A Step-by-Step Guide
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First you need to register on Binance. The menu will become visible to you only after you have logged in. Look for it at the top of the page on the right. The items are not many. Click on “Funds” and you will see a sub menu. You are to choose “Deposits Withdrawals”. Here you will see the coins you have received from other platforms as well as those obtained on Binance.

Assume you have bought Ether on Gemini or Coinbase and want to transfer it to Binance. On this page you will find the Ethereum address which is necessary for the transfer.
You may find useful the following screenshots. They will help you understand the procedure of sending Ethereum from Coinbase to Binance.

Transfer your ETH from Coinbase (or Gemini) to this address.
Wait until the coins arrive on Binance, then find “Exchange” on the top of the page on the left and click on the “Basic” submenu item under it.
There is a list of different currencies there, and you are to look for VeChain coin with ETH trading pair. Have a look at the screenshot and read the instructions below it. 
To find the coins that can be exchanged with Ether, move your mouse to the right corner on top and select ETH box there. 

There is a search box where you will type in VEN. VEN/ETH and the current price will appear. Click on this pair. Congratulations! You have just invested in VeChain.
The daily chart becomes accessible through VEN. Look for it on the left (see the screenshot below). 
The green numbers on the left are prices. Choose any of them. It means that you are going to populate your price in ETH for VEN. In the screenshot above it is 0.009728. You click and it changes to 0.009683. It’s time to select the amount of your Ethereum to be invested in VEN. Click on 25|50|75|100% to see how much VEN you can get at that price.

The green prices are offers made by other traders. You choose from this list and it is known as Limit purchase.
We recommend beginners to click on “Market” tab as well which is next to “Limit” to choose the amount of Ether, and then go to “Buy VEN”. In this way you purchase at the market price.
Having successfully completed it, pass over to the top right menu to choose “Funds -> Deposits & Withdrawals” to find VEN.

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