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How to Become a Writer in Crypto & Blockchain?

Fri, 05/31/2019 - 10:32
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Vera Yurina
?How to become a content creator in the crypto & blockchain sphere??Read a few pro tips and find out where to search for a job and permanent positions.
How to Become a Writer in Crypto & Blockchain?
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Do you have a talent for writing and want to try your luck in a completely new sphere like blockchain and cryptocurrency? That’s a great idea! What to start with, and how to define whether it’s a suitable niche?

Having written over 250 reviews, crypto price predictions, and articles, I’d like to share a few recommendations for you to find the work of your dreams and start your career path as a blockchain writer.

What to start with?

If you’ve already had the experience of copywriting, you know that knowledge comes with practice – in most cases, the information is found online and any subject can be gradually learned and mastered, be it an easy topic like cooking or parenthood, and finishing with more complicated topics like IT, finance, trading, programming, etc.

The blockchain is a relatively new area, that’s why the chances that you don’t have much background knowledge are high. However, you can do the following to get your feet wet in the ocean of blockchain:

  1. Start writing for ICOs and startups – their requirements are less strict, and you can get the essential understanding of blockchain technologies and crypto tokens. That’s what I started with a couple of years ago.

  2. Take a blockchain course. Yes, you can find a few courses online: both free and paid are available. To get some basic knowledge, feel free to watch YouTube videos and read articles – you will easily understand the nooks and crannies of the blockchain. No need to spend money; you are here to earn thanks to the blockchain.

  3. Read books and magazines. That will take some time, but you will feel like a blockchain pro after reading a couple of them.

If you’re into technologies and innovations, programming, and finance, then blockchain-related content writing is just right for you!


Where to search for a job?

Here are a couple of ideas for you:

  • Upwork. This is one of the largest global workplaces for freelancers. You'll find a wide assortment of blockchain-related jobs here starting from writing single articles and finishing with permanent positions in online websites (consulting, editing, writing). Despite a huge amount of jobs, be prepared to deal with wild competition and try to make your profile as appealing as possible.

  • Fiverr. This is a website where freelancers offer their services for a certain fixed price. The amount of choice isn’t as rich as on Upwork, but you can find long-term partners and explore the blockchain area.

  • Crypto Jobs List. There, you can find the category of Blockchain Writing Jobs and check out the offers. Both short-term offers and permanent positions are present there. Although this website is a new one, there’s a lot of activity going, so you can always find something truly valuable.

  • Dream. Here, you'll discover generously compensated whitepaper or ICO content writer positions, with strong help for contributors. It's unquestionably worth having a profile on this site.

  • Reddit is not a job marketplace – it’s rather a forum where you can find a lot of useful information and engage in a conversation. There are two sections you should pay attention to 1) forhire – you won't probably post your very own advertisement here if you haven't been a long-term contributor Reddit, yet you can check out offers and send a private message to any individual who has posted an offer you're keen on 2) Jobs4Bitcoins – as the name says, you'll just find jobs paid by crypto. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to earn crypto.

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A few tips before you start...

Okay, before you set sail to start your journey in search of blockchain content writing jobs, here are a few things you should keep in mind. These tips apply to any writer, regardless of the sphere.

  1. No free contributions. Even if you decide to work for startups. Writing in blockchain means doing an enormous amount of research, and you want it to be compensated well, don’t you?

  2. Avoid working for proprietary tokens. A lot of startups and ICOs fail, which means you might be left with tokens having $0 value.

  3. Don’t work for crypto, or  if you do, convert right away. Otherwise, your hard-earned $2,000 may turn into $1,000 in a matter of a few days.

Good luck!

If you like and want to join our team as a blockchain-related content writer, don’t hesitate to contact us via We always welcome new talents!

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