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Exploring the Three Layers of LFi and its Benefits for Crypto Users

Tue, 25/07/2023 - 10:00
Exploring the Three Layers of LFi and its Benefits for Crypto Users
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Pursuing financial freedom is not impossible when you are part of Layered Financial Independence (LFi), a decentralized network that aims to redefine wealth creation. With its own DAO-driven platform and blockchain, every user will have a chance to participate in a sustainable and equitable global economy. 

LFi's mission is to empower individuals by providing them with accessible financial opportunities via a decentralized, transparent, and community-driven platform. By democratizing access to financial resources, LFi aims to pave the way towards a future of great innovation.

LFi's three layers are:

1. Blockchain and Token 

The LFi token is the native token of the LFi ecosystem. It can be used to pay for various network services, such as sending cryptocurrency, token creation, smart contract execution, and access to ecosystem benefits. When LFi tokens are used in the network's vesting protocol, they become vLFi tokens, which are non-transferable and unlock additional benefits, such as vLFi rewards, Ranking System advantages, and the ability to participate in L-DAO voting. The LFi Chain is the ecosystem's in-house blockchain, which will host the native tokens and decentralized applications. Although the tokens and apps will initially launch on the Binance Smart Chain, the plan is to migrate them to the LFi Chain by the end of 2023.

2. Internet of People and Hardware

The second layer of LFi is dedicated to the Internet of People, a decentralized infrastructure that empowers users to manage their own data. This innovative technology results in a streamlined online experience for users. Layer 2 also includes hardware components, including three distinct types of minting hardware and two types of smartphones. One of the smartphones is called LFi One. It features a robust minting application, enabling users to perform a variety of functions, such as validating transactions, minting tokens, and earning token rewards, in addition to standard communication features like calling, texting, and web browsing.

3. Decentralized Applications

The third and final layer of LFi is a hub for decentralized applications, including the LFi Software Wallet, decentralized exchange, launchpad, lending protocol, and other applications. One of the most significant components of this layer is the L-DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that gives community members complete ownership of the LFi ecosystem. Using the DAO governance system, all community members can vote on amendments that improve the ecosystem's overall performance. The amount of vLFi tokens a user possesses determines their voting power.

LFi is a revolutionary decentralized network that has the potential to transform wealth creation and create a more equitable global economy. By empowering individuals with accessible financial opportunities and giving them a say in the future of the ecosystem, LFi is well-positioned to lead the way towards a future of great innovation.

The LFi Manifesto 

“Everyone should have equal opportunities for wealth generation and financial independence.

The time has come to bring a more inclusive financial system to the world, where the control and ownership of assets lie with the people.

We believe in a consensus-driven financial system shaped by the DAO. Transparency, where transactions are publicly verifiable, must prevail and the security and safety of user data are the top priority.

The LFi Ecosystem is an innovative decentralized platform that will continue to grow with you, providing top-notch services.”


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