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EOS Price Prediction: Will the Coin Leave the Bearish Market?

EOS could be the world’s fastest cryptocurrency if it can overcome obstacles and attract new users
EOS Price Prediction: Will the Coin Leave the Bearish Market?

Less than a year after its official release, EOS became one of the most attractive digital assets. Its protocol is designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications, which is achieved through an operating system-like concept. EOS is a form of cryptocurrency based on Ethereum and supports up to 50,000 transactions per second, twice as much as VISA cards.

EOS is not only interesting and attractive from a technological point of view but is also considered to be an alternative to Bitcoin. It is a more reliable financial instrument and represents a true implementation of blockchain into financial transactions.

EOS versus other cryptocurrencies

Currently, EOS is the sixth largest cryptocurrency, with a market value of almost 5 billion USD. At one point, just before the April 2018 fiasco, just days before launching its Dawn 4.0 release, its market cap exceeded 17 billion USD. However, after this thriving period, EOS’ cryptocurrency price wiped out almost 75% of its value compared to an average decrease of 30% for Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market. The highly volatile digital currency entered into a bearish market, and investors started withdrawing assets from it. Despite this fact, the prediction for EOS is bright, featuring strong price growth.

The average daily trading volumes at the end of October reached 400 million USD, compared to almost 4 billion USD at the end of April, demonstrating a 90% decline. The short-term outlook for the digital currency is not so bright.

There was some impetus in the beginning of November, which pushed the price of EOS up, but the gains were small and did not last long. The daily trading volumes are steadily rising, reaching 750 million USD in Nov 7, stimulating the increase in prices. Several cryptocurrency rating agencies labeled EOS a “buy” based on their “adoption model” metric in regard to EOS' strong communities and app-building capabilities. The digital currency started the month with strong increases but later suffered some corrections, normalizing its value around 5.50 USD.

EOS versus other cryptocurrencies

EOS coin predictions: the medium-term trend

The medium-term outlook for the EOS coin remains in the bearish market. The positive start of the month gave some bullish pressure to the cryptocurrency, but later this impetus was lost at 5.83 USD in the supply area on Nov 7th. EOS price predictions remain negative during the month with expectations for some growth at the end of November, stimulated by small investors.

The price is below the ten days exponential moving average, putting it in a bearish market, which is not likely broken without some extraordinary events. The stochastic oscillator for EOS is at 26%, near the low end of its range, and its signal points down which implies a divergence with the price. The EOS forecast range in medium-term is 5.00-7.50 USD.

Even though EOS’ price prediction for 2018 is not so bright, the cryptocurrency is expected to gain high popularity in next months, gaining higher scalability, though there are numerous technical obstacles for the price to increase.

the medium-term trend

EOS future price: the short-term trend is down

In the short-term, EOS returns to a bearish trend and may extend losses to 5.05 or lower. The pressure was extremely strong on Nov 7th after the formation of a Tweezer top at 5.76 USD. The cryptocurrency moved down to 5.60 USD, breaking the 50 days exponential moving average.

The stochastic oscillator is at 27%, and its signal points imply downward price movement may occur in the short-term as the bears' momentum increases. EOS projection’s target in the short-term is 4.50-5.50 USD.

EOS future price

What can stimulate the growth of EOS?

The main driving force for EOS are:

Technology News: The BancorX platform has enabled token conversion between a total of 110+ Ethereum and EOS-based assets. Thus, popularization of the protocol will become even stronger over the coming months as many more platforms are expected to take up the token's exchange. This has led many analysts to change their EOS coin price prediction to “buy” despite the near-term bearish activity.

Growth potential: The cryptocurrency still has strong potential for growth; due to its scalability, if it can overcome obstacles there is potential for exponential growth.

Higher spending: Holiday season is approaching, and people are more inclined to spend. This probably will flood millions of dollars into the cryptocurrency market at the end of November and beginning of December. Last year, this period was marked with record highs of the cryptocurrency market and that (cash inflows) is expected again.

Scalability: The main problem of old-fashioned cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is scalability. This has stopped their growth and is expected to dominate market sentiment in the near to short-term. EOS implements blockchain smart contracts to create a decentralized, scalable network that far surpasses ETH and BTC.

Role in governance and voting: The EOS protocol can be used for modern election systems. Since the US Presidential elections in 2016, the world is more and more shaken by voting issues and manipulations. The EOS protocol allows establishing a safe, decentralized election system that is trustless and verifiable.

The EOS protocol combines the best of the blockchain, opening doors for widespread usage of the technology in the future, which is driving force behind its price.

“The EOS blockchain is changing what is possible, and we are only just scratching the surface, and it is no longer just the fringes who are getting excited. EOS is an infant chain with excellent pedigree, but before she can spread her wings and fly, the basics need to be learned, practiced and enforced. A governed chain needs to learn how to govern, a trustless community needs to trust each other and set the culture which will last for centuries,” said the CEO of EOS Dublin, Sharif Bouktila.

EOS prediction 2018: is EOS a good investment?

The simple answer is – Yes, but not in November.

The long-term EOS predictions are the coin price will return to an uptrend. The analysts recommend waiting by mid-November before purchasing EOS coins due to possible depreciation to around 4.50 USD. The digital currency is currently in the sell zone and will remain there for a few more weeks. The EOS price prediction for the end of November is  a much more encouraging estimate of 5.50-6.00 USD with positive outlook.

The EOS coin forecast for December is for the return of bullish market sentiment and rapid growth.

EOS prediction 2018

EOS vs Bitcoin

Many analysts predict bright future for the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, several scalabilities and legal issued have hampered their expansion and subsequently reduce their prices.

The EOS protocol integrates the modern technologies, creating a nifty platform for easily usable and accessible services of dApps or decentralized applications. EOS tries to combine the best aspects from the most well-known blockchain networks such as Ethereum’s versatile and intense computing power and Bitcoin’s safe and secure ecosystem.

And if you still do not see the advantages of the EOS versus Bitcoin, see the differences:




Launch date

January 3, 2009

June 26, 2017

Max. number of tokens

21 million

1 billion

Token uses

Digital asset

Native currency of EOS dapp platform.

Supported language(s)


Any language that compiles into WebAssembly (WASM)

Consensus algorithm

Proof of work

Delegated proof of stake




Transactions per second



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Is Pizza Day 2.0 a Sign of Things to Come?

Pizza Day 2.0 could be a sign of things to come as Bitcoin again pushes to be functional currency
Is Pizza Day 2.0 a Sign of Things to Come?

Back in 2010, when Bitcoin was merely being muttered around indistinct forums and making its way into being a tool of the dark web, those believers in the technology wanted a use case to pin their proof of concept on. This ended with a Pizza being bought, proving the potential of this digital currency.

Now, some eight years on and with Bitcoin in a very different space, the same experiment has been created for the same ends, but with different means. Bitcoin has become so big that it is no longer a functional currency anymore. However, this last experiment again is showing that Bitcoin can have a use.

The Bitcoin Pizza 2.0, also bought by Laszlo Hanyecz, but using the Lightning Network could send a ripple in time and cause history to repeat itself somewhat as Bitcoin shows it has the potential to be what it set out to be eight years ago.

The vision of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s direction since its early days, as laid out in the white paper, has swung and swayed and eventually settled on being a digital store of value and an asset that people are looking to hold.

Indeed, this is perfectly within Bitcoin’s scope and range to be, but it is slightly away from its vision to be a disruptive and functional currency. This is Roger Ver’s big argument with Bitcoin Cash, stating that his coin offers the true vision of Bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin’s vision is not totally removed from the digital currency, and it is experiments like Pizza 2.0 that prove there is a chance for it to go back to being a cheap, quick and functional digital currency that can be used for micropayments.

A new era

It seems almost too perfect that the same man, doing the same thing that launched Bitcoin’s path to the mainstream, is doing it again, and for similar or same reasons. Hanyecz says that Lightning has the potential to make Bitcoin functional again, and this little experiment kind of proves it.

Of course, there are a lot of kinks to work out, and there still needs to be a lot of work done in order to get Lightning up and going and accepted. The battle for Bitcoin is to stay relevant in a market full of altcoins which all claim to be better and brighter than the original.

Bitcoin can enter a new era if things go according to plan, and just like crypto heads looked back on May 22, 2010, they may well look at Feb. 26, 2018, as a new starting point in Bitcoins growth to be a disruptive financial force.

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Stellar Price Prediction for December: Is Bottom-Fishing Now Still Dangerous?

Stellar still with all this decline is number four on the Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization on CoinMarketCap.
Stellar Price Prediction for December: Is Bottom-Fishing Now Still Dangerous?

Stellar (XLM) as most of the major cryptocurrencies has a rough year in 2018. From the high price of $0.9084 on Jan. 1, 2018 the current price is at $0,1176 as of Dec. 8, 2018. Still with all this decline it is number four on the Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalization of $2.669.311.986, only lower than the market capitalization of Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum.

Some of the topics discussed in this article will be Stellar price prediction for December. We will mention XLM prediction end year and Stellar price today​​ for the remaining of December 2018. Is a bottom-fishing strategy now for Stellar a dangerous investing decision?

Stellar price prediction
Stellar image

Stellar price prediction December

These are some of XLM price prediction references, Stellar lumen price prediction estimates for December 2018. This is not an investment advice as always, just for informational purposes on Stellar price prediction possible scenarios.

·    TradingBeasts.com forecasts a price of $0.20 by the beginning of January 2019. The expected maximum price is $0.25, minimum price $0.17. The Stellar price prediction for the end of the month is $0.20.

·    Nine panelists on Finder make a very bullish or prediction that on Jan. 1, 2019 the price will be $0.28, a gain of 125% compared to the current price of $0.11.

These nine panelists are the following experts, being traders, founders, CEOs of important cryptocurrency market business spectrum, such as Evercoin cryptocurrency exchange:

·       Craig Cobb

·       Fred Schebesta

·       Miko Matsumura

·       Alisa Gus

·       Desmond Marshall

·       Joerg Molt

·       Toby Allen

·       Muneeb Khan

·       Sarah Bergstrand

CryptoRecorder.com makes another bullish Stellar coin price prediction for December.

“The fact that Stellar network will be hosting “the first stable coin” issued by the tech giant IBM, which is also one of the oldest partnerships that Stellar has acquired since the time it was first launched as an ICO, is nearly enough to provide the needed boost for XLM in the market so it would be able to get closer to its record price of 0.75$ also breaking the resistance of 0.80$ and going up for reaching 1$ by the end of the current year.”

If this optimistic scenario becomes real, then this XLM price prediction 2018 will result in 629% increase in price compared to the current price of $0.11.

Stellar Lumens pros and cons
Stellar Lumens infographic

The pros and cons of Stellar coin will weigh on its future price. Making a Stellar lumens prediction is hard. Any XLM prediction either short-term on in the long-term must take into consideration these business prospects.

Stellar Lumens pros and cons
Stellar Lumens infographic

Stellar price prediction end year

Back to predictions for the end of 2018 it is interesting to mention the following Stellar coin forecast range from eight different sources:

1. Economic Forecast Agency Prediction:

The price will about $0.43 at the end of this year 2018, not reach $1.

2. Right Trader:

Again, the Stellar lumens forecast 2018 is that price will not reach the $1 target. No specific target was given, but an optimistic XLM forecast was that price should move higher.

3. WalletInvestor:

Price will not reach $1 by the end of December 2018, but rather reach the price of $0.448 in September 2019. Eventually during 2021 the XLM forecast is that price will reach the $1.

4. Monetize.info:

A very optimistic estimate that by end of 2018 the Stellar coin value will be between $2 and $3.

5. CoinCheckup:

Not one but three Stellar price predictions, $2, $12 and $30 in 2018.

6. Altcoin:

Their Stellar lumens forecast 2018 is that it will reach 0.00001571 BTC in the short-term. A long-term XLM forecast is that its price will reach the 0.00003567 BTC mark in the long-term.

7. 30Rates:

Their Stellar cryptocurrency prediction is very optimistic, they have a target of $0.5 at the end of December 2018 and beginning of 2019.

8. Oracle Times:

Their Stellar lumens forecast is that a price of $1 would be achieved in January 2018. They have not provided a more recent price update about Stellar lumens price prediction 2018.

Stellar price prediction 2019

Longforecast.com makes an interesting str price prediction for 2019, with a large range for the XLM coin price from a price of $0.06 in January 2019 to a much lower price of $0.03 in December 2019.Their lumen price prediction is very pessimistic for 2019.Cryptoinfobase.com has XLM predictions that are based on scenarios. The best-case scenario is that in early 2019 price will reach $2, and later during the year $3. The lumen coin price according to the worst-case scenario will reach $0.33 in early 2019 and will rise further to $0.38.

XLM price forecast

Our price prediction for the end of 2018 is based on the weekly chart and will not move higher than $0.31 or fall below $0.13. The prolonged selloff may turn to a consolidation and a moderate bounce towards $0.17 or $0.20 is probable.

Stellar lumens 2018 prediction
Stellar coin predictions weekly chart

Stellar technical analysis for December 2018

Our technical analysis forecast for Stellar lumens is based on the daily chart. The prediction as we mentioned above by several companies was in general an optimistic one, some of them in favor of a Stellar lumens price prediction 2020 at about $1. Our price prediction is only for the very near short-term, the end of December 2018. The daily chart shows the following ones:

Stellar lumens price prediction for end of 2018
XLM price prediction daily chart

·    The daily chart does not seem optimistic at all. The price has fell to $0.11 and below it there is no obvious level of support.

·    Stochastic indicator (14,3,3) are in oversold level but still there is no any sign of a bullish crossover.

·    MACD indicator is negative, trending down, but there is a positive divergence formed in its histogram. Price of Stellar coin has moved down, but the MACD histogram is diminishing, a potential sign that the recent intense selloff may pause, and a consolidation phase could follow soon.

·    Momentum indicator (10 periods) is showing a positive divergence as well. It has moved up while the price of Stellar coin has moved down.

·    There is a strong trend, a dominant downtrend supported by the readings of the ADX/DMI indicator. The ADX line has a reading of 40.63, with readings above the 25-level indicating a strong trend. The DI- line, with red color is at 33.70, and is above the DI+ line, blue color with a reading of 10.56. It is simple, but still a visual representation that the dominant trend is a downtrend.

·    The 20-period and 50-period exponential moving averages are at $0.1720 and $0.2022 respectively. Both are trending down, indicative of a strong downtrend.

·    There is strong support, now resistance at $0.17, $0.18 and $0.20 price levels. These former support levels are our target for a potential bounce for the remaining month of December 2018.

·    We do not expect any sustained trend change for the remaining of 2018, and this bounce if materialized should be only a short-term consolidation phase. For the trend to change from downward to upward without any catalysts such as business news, and business applications, this scenario seems highly unlikely for now.

·    A key level to watch is the $0.20 price level, that coincides with the current daily 50-period exponential moving average. If price closes for several days above this price level, then a price trend reversal may be at its early stages. This price level was tested many times and there was a consolidation zone which when broke the price fell to new lows in 2018. Above it some target levels are $0.22 and $0.24.


The price prediction for the remaining of 2018 shows that a bottom is not yet formed. However, a possible bounce which should be a moderate one is not unlikely. The major cryptocurrencies are under severe selling pressure, a trend that lasted all 2018, and continued in November 2018.

Our prediction as mentioned is not an investment advice. It is just about probabilities and risk. Our technical analysis supports a moderate price bounce towards $0.17 or $0.20.

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News Outlets Suggest Bitcoin Mining About to Become Unprofitable But They’re Wrong

Media sources are saying that the cost of producing Bitcoin is about to outweigh the profits, suggesting that mining could be on the decline. But that isn’t entirely accurate
News Outlets Suggest Bitcoin Mining About to Become Unprofitable But They’re Wrong

Thomas Lee of Fundstrat suggests that when taking into account all of a Bitcoin miner’s costs, including electricity and the cost of mining equipment, the cost of mining one Bitcoin is $8,083. With the price of Bitcoin bouncing between $7,600 and $8,550 over the past few days, miners are dancing dangerously close to the breakeven point.

Shone Anstey of the Blockchain Intelligence Group points out that miners won’t operate at a loss indefinitely:

"In some cases, the miners may simply turn off the machines until the price comes back a bit. It's got to be getting to the point that some of them may be losing money."

Of course, this is what we saw in 2014-2015, as Bitcoin sunk from its November 2013 highs. As the value of Bitcoin dropped, miners began turning off their oldest and least energy efficient machines. Fundstrat believes that same thing could happen around a price of $3,000-$4,000 this time around.

Other options

It’s important to note that Bitcoin mining tends to be clustered in areas with low electricity costs, such as China, Iceland and the US Pacific Northwest. Many of these locations also have cool climates, reducing the need for energy-draining air conditioning to cool down all those miners. China tends to have lower labor costs as well, which adds to profit margins. However, in recent months the Chinese government has been raising rates for Bitcoin miners, causing many to flee to other jurisdictions.

Politico reports that the US Pacific Northwest has become a veritible hotbed of Bitcoin mining due to the extremely low cost of hydroelectric power in the region. While Fundstrat’s model for estimating the cost of mining is based on electricity costs of six cents per kilowatt-hour, miners in the Pacific Northwest enjoy rates as low as 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. While falling Bitcoin prices will definitely knock some miners out of business, others will continue to thrive for some time.

Sunk costs

Fundstrat’s model also includes the cost of mining equipment in its estimate. While this is an important factor in determining the profitability of setting up a new mining operation, it’s less useful when calculating the break-even point for existing miners. That’s because the cost of miners (which have already been purchased) is a sunk cost, meaning that it’s already been paid and cannot be recovered. The cost of building purchases or leases and upgrades to a facility’s electrical supply and air conditioning are also sunk costs.

Since sunk costs cannot be recovered simply by ceasing operations, miners will continue to mine as long as they can. Economics tells us that production will continue until marginal revenue equals marginal cost. That means that existing miners will continue operations until the cost of inputs (electricity, labor and maintenance) exceeds the value of the Bitcoins that are produced. For miners with ultra-cheap electricity, production will likely continue for some time. Politico estimates the cost of producing one BTC in the Pacific Northwest is about $2,000.

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What is the Future of Futures in the Cryptocurrency Market Ahead of ETH’s Entry?

Next up could be Ethereum futures, but the independent and interdependent relationship between coins in the cryptocurrency market could cause an interesting dynamic
What is the Future of Futures in the Cryptocurrency Market Ahead of ETH’s Entry?

Cryptocurrency futures being offered by traditional financial services like CBOE and CME have played a big part in the growth and expansion of cryptocurrencies across the globe. The lead up to 2017’s high of $20,000 was predeceased around this institutional welcoming to cryptocurrency, but where does it end?

Now, there is news that CBOE will be looking at launching Ethereum futures as the one year Bitcoin futures anniversary approaches. It is an interesting product to launch, mostly because of the dynamic of the cryptocurrency market which sees coins both moving independently from each other, but also interdependently.

Commentators have already made their thoughts known on what the ETH futures could do, and it does not sound ideal for cryptocurrency growth in general, but more importantly, are more and varied futures a good thing, and where can they stop?

Tom Lee’s vision for ETH futures

While the Ethereum future is still more of a rumor than a secure fact, there are people who are already breaking down the impact it could have on the volatile cryptocurrency market. Tom Lee has said that ETH futures could actually be damaging for Ethereum, but a positive for something like Bitcoin.

His reasoning is that market bears, which currently focus on shorting BTC, would switch to its main rival, Ethereum. So, while this will help Bitcoin rise up free of shorters, it will have a damaging effect on Ethereum.

Bigger than that

The problem is, while people will call Ethereum a rival or a contender to Bitcoin, the truth of the matter in the nascent market is that the majority of coins all move in a similar way as the head- Bitcoin.

It is still very much a cryptocurrency market that moves in relation to news and happening in and around it, in comparison to something like company stocks and assets. Those who invest in something like gold know that they can also back or short Apple stocks as an alternative and these two investable assets will move totally independently of each other.

It is not the case like that for different cryptocurrencies. There are of course instances where certain coins will move totally separately from Bitcoin and the general market sentiment, but it is rare, and usually based directly on news affecting the coin.

What does the futures market hold?

So, if futures start affecting some of the bigger cryptocurrency assets, starting with Ethereum, where does it end? And will it be as effective as Lee expects, or will it be a bit of a damp squib. There may be a lot more shorters on Ethereum if the opportunity arrives, but will there be enough to make its movement different from Bitcoin.

For instance, if Bitcoin is granted an ETF, which many think will help it skyrocket in price, will that movement not take the ETH market along with it? But if Lee’s dissertation is right, ETH could be bogged down in shorts.

And, if more coins start becoming part of the futures market, what will the link and interdependence do there? Could this reshape the entire cryptocurrency market, and essentially break the hegemony that Bitcoin has over the movement of the market.

But, if it does work like that, will it not be a bad thing for the market as the shorters will have a lot of power to keep coins down and this could damage emerging and building cryptocurrencies which need as much help as possible to grow if their intentions are to be met.

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Past ICO Review: How Aragon Freedom Fighters Gained Traction

👁 ICO Watch
Fighting for freedom in the digital age, how one startup wants to liberate the world
Past ICO Review: How Aragon Freedom Fighters Gained Traction

Everyone knows someone who talks a mile a minute, while how about an ICO that raised a million dollars per minute for 26 minutes?! Shocked? Go ahead and pinch yourself, you are not dreaming. Aragon raised 25 mln in 26 minutes, it hit its record 26-min ICO on May 18, 2017. Aragon entered the market the same day at $1.49 per token and has risen 184.5 percent up to 4.24 at the time of writing. It has a market cap of $112 mln and ranked at 135 on CoinMarketCap.

Create and run an organization out of the box

Aragon is a Dapp on the Ethereum Blockchain, ERC20 token, that allows the user to create, run and manage a decentralized organization. The company’s motto is to put power back to the people. According to the website, “We want to empower people across the world to easily and securely manage their organizations. We provide the tools for anyone to become an entrepreneur and run their own organization, to take control of their own lives.”

The company has essentially created a smart-contract Blockchain software that works without having a Blockchain expert on staff.

Blockchain experts are not just growing on trees! Not having a Blockchain expert on staff is cited as one of the many reasons why companies are hesitant to enter into the new space. Blockchain is a powerful tool but with great power come great responsibility. Many company heads are fearful of putting up any sensitive information that could remain on the chain forever.

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How is it different? How is it not?

Oh? So it’s like the others? You can use it to vote, hold elections and keep contracts in place? Yes, that’s right, just like the others, which in a large sea of competition, it is easy to get lost or confused with others. So what sets Aragon apart from the others? FREEDOM! The team behind the tech are concerned about the future at the crossroads of technology and humanity because technology is either going to lead to a more transparent, free, open society or it will aid more oppression, surveillance and confinement of society.

The team would rather not see that and so they chose to fight for freedom and fight they do by offering easy to use tech for organizations to become decentralized and stick it to the “digital man.” This idea has become popular with many in the cryptocurrency community because of its ability to increase efficiency, and participate in the first decentralized autonomous organization focused on digital jurisdiction, upgradeability and functional governance.

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ICOs Performance in 2017 and Outlook For 2018: Review

El Grupo

Luis Cuende

Is listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 and MIT Tech review. He founded Stampery, a time-stamping project in the Blockchain ecosystem. His has experience working with the likes of the Estonian government, Microsoft and Telefonica.

Jorge Izquierdo

Having created various popular applications, with accolades ranging from receiving a Thiel fellowship and a WWDC scholarship by Apple at a tender age of 15 as one of the most promising young app developers.

Gaining traction? Supporters, yes. Projects?

While it does not sound as exciting as asking oracles to peer into crystal balls and predict the future, the company is growing its following. More than 750 organizations are using the Aragon’s testnet and the Slack channel has more than 500 members.

While Aragon is building a following online, there are still some features that need to be implemented such as digital arbitrage. Additionally, the token price has been rather stable, only showing growth in the past two months - perhaps due to support from the Slack users? If Aragon cannot implement its software, it is not going to go anywhere fast except faded memory.

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