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Decentralized Messenger Secretum Launches on Solana: Details

Mon, 10/11/2021 - 19:30
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Vladislav Sopov
Red-hot dApps ecosystem of Solana (SOL) receives its own server-less "WhatsApp killer"
Decentralized Messenger Secretum Launches on Solana: Details
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Secretum encrypted peer-to-peer messenger addresses the major bottlenecks of the modern instant messaging segment.

Empowering messengers with blockchain: What is Secretum?

Developed by Lithuanian blockchain engineers and telecom experts, Secretum pioneers the usage of Solana (SOL) blockchain for decentralized messaging software.

As per the estimation of its team, Secretum is the world's only fully decentralized and encrypted messenger on this high-performance blockchain platform. As such, Secretum architecture guarantees a safe, hassle-free and peer-to-peer messaging experience.

Secretum toolkit includes zero third-party interaction and middle-ware elements. Its design has no servers and no moderators.

All messages by Secretum users are 100% encrypted, so the information, its sender and recipient cannot be compromised by malefactors.

Challenging use case for Solana

Secretum does not store user data or messages on servers or in cloud storage. The entire messaging procedure is secured by trusted and independently verified nodes on the Secretum network.

Secretum users can sign in to the application with nothing but its Solana wallet addresses. As such, Secretum adheres to the 100% anonymity of all of its users.

Besides being a secure and fast anonymous messaging application, Secretum also boasts decentralized crypto exchange functionality.

With Secretum, users can trade cryptocurrency tokens and NFTs in a cost-effective peer-to-peer manner, avoiding the disadvantages of modern centralized exchanges.

Powered by one of the world's fastest blockchains, Solana, Secretum charges its users with trivial gas fees. At the same time, transactional latency is far lower than that of Ethereum or Bitcoin.

The Secretum team is certain that it has all the chances to overcome modern heavyweight messaging applications as it is empowered with decentralization and the power of a cutting-edge blockchain:

Secretum has the potential to grow into a globally known, renowned, and used platform - achieving the ubiquity of WhatsApp or Telegram, only without any of their major weaknesses.

Solana-based Secretum is focused on preventing data leaks, outages and centralization that violates the privacy of people who use messengers daily for private and business interactions.

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