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BTC Bearish Breakout, NEO Between the Trendlines, XEM On the Upwards Channel: Price Analysis, Oct. 3, 2018

Bitcoin made a bearish breakout, NEO is between the two important trendlines, NEM looks good compared to other altcoins
BTC Bearish Breakout, NEO Between the Trendlines, XEM On the Upwards Channel: Price Analysis, Oct. 3, 2018

*** Please note the analysis below is not investment advice. The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of U.Today. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.

Bitcoin made a breakout downwards from the triangle

Yesterday we got a breakout from the triangle. It was enough that the four-hour candle closes below the trendline, below the EMA's and the movement downwards be able to continue. This was almost a perfect breakout trade, we got a candle close below the triangle trendline. In the one-hour time frame, BTC price made a retest and bounce-back after it touched the breakout area.

The daily candle close was above the $6,500, but currently, on the four-hour chart we have a close below the round number, and the price is again on the strong support area (blue line). Last week this area played a significant role when we discovered the "Inverted Head & Shoulders" pattern, and again we are 'hanging' above $6,460, and the bulls hope that the strong support level holds the price. If it breaks (four-hour candle close below the line), then it will probably mean that the bearish momentum will continue and the next stop is around $6,330-$6,350. There is currently the major counter trendline since Sept. 8. If we fall even lower, there are two strong support lines which will stop the price. To stay on the market is a bit risky because we don't know how strong this bearish momentum could be. However, the breakout from the triangle and candlesticks layout indicates that we might see another leg downwards (confirmation is the candle close below the blue line at $6,460).

NEO (NEO/USD) is between the triangle trendlines

NEO has been respecting both triangle trendlines. Recently, it tried to break above the upper trendline which works as a resistance but didn't manage to push through from there. There were several attempts to break through the bottom trendline which is also the major counter-trendline (it works as a support), but this level has held us pretty nicely.

Currently, as BTC breaks through the round number area, NEO breaks below the strong support area, which has been historically a good support and resistance level. Now, NEO price is on the on the edge, at the moment this is our last support before the September low level at $16.15. If NEO price drops below that strong trendline, then the next critical zone is the September low where we have to watch what BTC does. So, currently, if BTC drops below the $6,469, then NEO drops below the major counter trendline (counter, because the overall trend is down).

To be bullish:

1. This trendline has to hold the price

2. We have to break above the strong area (blue line)

3. We have to break above the triangle upper trendline (trendline and the blue line makes a crossing area so, this level is very hard to beat).

If it happens, then the first target would be the round number $20 and the strong area at $20.7

NEM (XEM/USD) is technically good compared to other alts

Currently, NEM is trading on the channel. It has been respecting those channel trendlines, and it has made pretty good profit opportunities. (after we mentioned that XEM will explode, it made a 27 percent gain)

After BTC broke out from the triangle downwards, XEM has also come down pretty quickly but it is still on the channel, and it has an opportunity to make the higher low. At the moment, the price is a very strong support area, support criteria:

1. The round number $0.1, which works as a support

2. EMA 200 is exactly on $0.1, and it also works as a support

3. The Fibonacci golden ratio 62 percent matching with the criteria mentioned above

4. Plus if we drop just a little bit lower, then there is the 50 & 100 EMA's and the channel bottom trendline

So, currently, we think that if we see a break and close below the round number, then it's the first sign that NEM might go downwards, and the full bearish confirmation would be when we see a candle close below the trendline.

If BTC finds the support from the current level at $6,460, then NEM has technically a very good platform to go higher levels, but it all depends on what Bitcoin does.

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Ripple Will Not Be Next Bitcoin, But That’s Not Bad

Ripple will not be the next Bitcoin, but it could still be wildly successful
Ripple Will Not Be Next Bitcoin, But That’s Not Bad

Voltaire famously wrote that the medieval Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire. In the same way, at least according to the MIT Technology Review, Ripple is neither decentralized nor a currency. But lest we judge it too harshly, it’s wise to remember that it was never intended to be either.

Next Bitcoin?

For years, cryptocurrency languished in obscurity. Assuming they didn’t make too many missteps along the way, early adopters of Bitcoin became millionaires. Many of those who were a little late to the Bitcoin party became early adopters of altcoins, and also became millionaires. Now that crypto has burst into the mainstream and made many people fabulously wealthy, crypto newcomers are desperate to pick the next Bitcoin. Every new investor seems to think if they can buy a digital asset for less than a dollar, they’ll become ridiculously rich when that asset eventually hits $10,000, as Bitcoin did.

While it can’t be definitely said that there isn’t another nascent Bitcoin waiting in the wings somewhere, if there is one, it certainly isn’t Ripple. The currency’s wild ride last year made it the best performing crypto asset in a year of incredibly well-performing cryptocurrencies. Ripple ended the year up by 38,000 percent. No, that’s not a typo.

Those who invested before last summer are all incredibly wealthy now, even after Ripple dropped back under $1. Nonetheless, an important fact remains.

Ripple is not the next Bitcoin.

Different animal

Ripple is something entirely different. While Bitcoin seeks to be a decentralized, peer-to-peer means of digital value exchange with a strong anti-establishment bent, Ripple does not. In fact, Ripple is almost the opposite- it’s highly centralized and extremely friendly with big banks. There’s a good reason for this: Ripple doesn’t intend to be a currency used by ordinary folks buying coffee. Ripple wants to be used by banks to move large numbers of very big transactions each day.

Ripple is an extension of a system banks already know and understand. Ripple is a centralized company whose network relies on “trusted” servers. Banks are cool with that because that’s what they understand. Ripple has premined all 100 bln coins and keeps the remaining 50 bln in escrow, which is fine, because that’s what big companies understand. Companies are used to an IPO where large numbers of shares are created all at once, from nowhere, and distributed to investors. They can understand premines, too.

As the MIT Technology Review states:

“Ripple’s big bet is that XRP will become a ‘bridge currency’ that many financial institutions use to settle cross-border payments faster and more cheaply than they do now using global payment networks, which can be slow and involve multiple middlemen. Bitcoin could be used to do this too, but Ripple can settle 1,000 transactions per second, compared with Bitcoin’s seven, and its transaction fees are much lower.”

Ripple without XRP

The MIT Technology Review also notes that unfortunately for Ripple investors, while its technology is popular, Ripple’s XRP token is not:

“Here’s the catch, though: Ripple’s Blockchain-based payment network doesn’t need a bridge currency to work, and nearly everyone using the network has so far chosen to exchange digital IOUs instead.”

This could certainly change, and CEO Brad Garlinghouse has hinted that it will, but for now, XRP is a fairly speculative play. Ripple is not another Bitcoin, but if everything goes really well, it could be another SWIFT or Visa. The only remaining question is whether the company’s bank customers will use the native XRP token, or settle in dollars as they currently do.

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How to store TRON (TRX): 5 Best Wallet to Store TRON

🎓 Coins Guide
You should combine different wallets taking into account all their advantages and disadvantages.
How to store TRON (TRX): 5 Best Wallet to Store TRON

TRX coin basics

It is also important to decide which wallet you should use to store your purchased Tron coins. Never leave your coins on exchanges (hot wallets) because you can lose all your money if the exchange shuts down, gets hacked or simply decides to block your account for some reason. You will need to get a semi-cold or cold wallet to make sure they your money is safe.

TRON Coin Wallets

Ledger Nano S

Hardware wallets are generally considered to be the safest way of storing crypto. Ledger Nano S is probably one of the best example of such wallets – it is completely secure and very user-friendly. Furthermore, it can be used for storing a great number of currencies including Tronix. Ledger Nano is also compatible with MyEtherWallet. You have to simply connect your ledger to a computer via USB and then send tokens to the wallet by clicking “Send Ether & Tokens” tab and choosing the “Ledger Wallet” option.

Trezor Wallet

Trezor is another good option if you are willing to store crypto on a hardware wallet. It works in a pretty much the same way as Ledger Nano S, so that would be difficult to designate which device is better. They are also in the same price category. Price is the main drawback of hardware wallets since you will have to pay up to €100 for such a security measure. However, it’s basically nothing compared to the amount of crypto that is usually stored on hardware wallets.


MyEtherWallet (MEW) is objectively one of the most common ways of storing crypto. It is an open-source wallet which lets it users keep the private key to the wallet on their own computer avoiding the third party. MEW is usually accessed through your online browser, but it is also compatible with the majority of software wallets and aforementioned hardware wallets. Another advantage of MEW is a built-in exchange service. At the same time this platform has issues with security: there were numerous reports of MEW users who claimed that they had been subjected to phishing attacks.


MetaMask is an Ethereum-based online wallet that can be installed as a simple browser extension which is compatible with Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. It ensures an easy access to the blockchain without installing any additional software. MetaMask provides its users with an acceptable level of security using private key encryption, but (just like any other online wallet) it is not suitable for storing large amounts of cash.

Eidoo Wallet

Eidoo Wallet is a mobile app (available for Android and iOS) which works as a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Private keys are encrypted only on your mobile phone (not held by Eidoo), so they are entirely controlled by you. Of course, the major advantage of Eidoo is its convenience: transactions can be managed with a smartphone while simple interface makes them understandable even for complete beginners. The developers promised to release a desktop version in the nearest future. Again, one cannot ignore the security issues. That’s why it’s advisable to always have a backup.

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The bottom line is that hard wallets are much safer for storing big sums of crypto (although, there is still a possibility that it may be physically damaged or simply lost). So you should combine different wallets taking into account all their advantages and disadvantages.

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Happy 10 !! ????

Crypto Gags
It has been 10 years since Bitcoin.org registration by Bitcoin developers
Happy 10 !! ????

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The Speculative Price of BTC and ETH is Down, But the Fundamentals of the Coins are Just Fine

Just looking at the price of Bitcoin can cause panic, but there are far better metrics for measuring the health of a cryptocurrency
The Speculative Price of BTC and ETH is Down, But the Fundamentals of the Coins are Just Fine

Between the CNBC headlines and the red graphs, as well as the fake picture of BTC miners being dumped, it has been a scary time for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The fall in the BTC price from the $6,000-ish mark in November to now has caused may to worry about the health and prospects of the bigger cryptocurrencies.

However, the price is just one metric that determines just how well the market and certain coins are doing. Moreso, the price of the cryptocurrency is also the most speculative market metric on which to measure it upon.

There are many different things to consider before basing your sole assumption on the price of a cryptocurrency, and Chris Burniske, a partner at Placeholder and well known cryptocurrency voice, explains that the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies are still showing good signs.

Supply-siders and demand-siders

Burniske, in a post on Medium, explains how he views the health of a cryptocurrency by looking at its fundamentals, and this includes deciphering what is happening with the supply-siders and demand-siders.

“Supply-siders are the folks who provision the network’s service (currently, the most common form of supply-sider is a miner), and demand-siders are the ones who consume the service,” he said.”

“In terms of demand-side and supply-side fundamentals, here are the simple ones I’ll showcase:

Bitcoin Demand-Side: Number of Daily Transactions (#), Estimated Daily Transaction Value (USD), Daily Unique Addresses Used (#). Ethereum Demand-Side: Number of Daily Transactions (#), Total Daily Gas Used. Bitcoin & Ethereum Supply-Side: Hash Rate.’”

He also goes on to determine the network value, rather than using its price per coin, and this is equated thusly: “Network Value” = “Price per Unit” x “Units of the Cryptoasset Outstanding,” according to Burniske.

Supply-siders and demand-siders

Burniske uses the above graphs to show that the while the network value of both ETH and BTC is slowly sliding, the the number of daily transactions is stable to ticking up.

From the peak, Bitcoin and Ethereum’s network values are down 81% and 93%, respectively, whereas daily number of transactions are only down 41% and 52%, respectively.

What he derives from this data is that the drawdown in the network value is actually far less than the drop in the price of both these coins.

On the supply side

Burniske goes on to look at data on the supply side, viewing the hash rates of both blockchains.

On the supply side

“Both Bitcoin and Ethereum’s hash rates are higher now than they were at both of their peaks. Yes, hash rate is (usually) a lagging indicator that follows price, and both Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s hash rates are on negative slopes which require us to keep a close eye on them. But right now, this fundamental is outperforming price,” he explains

What Burniske is trying to show with this data and its analysis is that, while there is a down turn in the markets, the effects of such are not as strong as the percentage drop in price. The way in which the blockchains are functioning in terms of their supply-siders and demand-siders seems to indicate that the health of the blockchains are still much better than their price.

The speculative nature of cryptocurrencies has always seen it swing wildly, Bit price booms are followed by massive price drops. And although both these assets have lots over 80 percent of their value since their all time highs, that percentage loss is not accurately reflected if you consider their fundamental performance metrics.

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Cryptocontrol.io News Aggregator Review

News aggregators are useful tools for anyone interested in the crypto markets to keep an eye on the comings and going and Cryptocontrol is another useful tool
Cryptocontrol.io News Aggregator Review

Cryptocontrol.io is a news aggregator that presents the latest cryptocurrency-related posts and press releases and provides users with ample information about virtual coins. The platform would be interesting for traders, investors, analysts and advisors, i.e. everyone who needs up-to-date information about Blockchain, virtual coins and the world of crypto.

What is Cryptocontrol.io?

The website primarily functions as a news aggregator– it displays the latest publications from a wide range of popular news portals, including cryptcomes.com, coininsider.com, coingape.com, cointelegraph.com, and many other authoritative sources. With the help of this website, you can track the news from tens of different portals, including social media, online magazines, and mainstream blogs. To top it off, Cryptocontrol.io displays the information about the cryptocoin value and allows you to check the latest posts about particular coins from different sources.

The homepage of CryptoControl.io website
The homepage of CryptoControl.io website

What Cryptocontrol has to offer?

Cryptocontrol offers a few basic tools, with news aggregating panel serving as the central point. On the main page, you can see the news feed comprised of various posts. By default, they’re shown in the chronological order. You can also filter the news by the source and type:

In Heatmap section, the most popular crypto-related news is shown. The color of background denotes the theme– the darker it is, the older the article and the size of the block depends on the popularity of the post. This website option is one of its main distinguishing features– a puzzle of news blocks looks unique. However, it’s not the most convenient design from the readability standpoint: with so many different moving blocks and different sizes of fonts, it’s hard to focus on something particular.

Heatmap – the most popular posts combined together
Heatmap – the most popular posts combined together

Additionally, Cryptocontrol has iOS and Android applications, which means 50-60 percent of users preferring mobile search will enjoy a fast and simple access to their favorite platform. That’s the way to go!

Navigation and customization

How to sort out the news? As other similar platforms, Cryptocontrol offers a few personalization options. Let’s observe them:

  1. You can select favorite coins by clicking on the starts on the homepage header.

  2. Follow social news connected with your favorite coins.

  3. The heatmap can be customized, as well– you can select and deselect the themes of posts shown.

  4. Crypto News APIs can be integrated to receive fresh news.

  5. Crypto-related news can be sent to user’s inbox.

  6. Using the search field, you can find some certain coin and coin-related news.

  7. Users can also have the news sent on their preferable messaging applications by the CryptoControl bots.

Therefore, you can select the preferable way of receiving the news. Additionally, CryptoControl has a well-established community in social networks – it embraces Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Medium. You can subscribe and be among the first to track hot crypto news.

Should I use CryptoControl?

Minimalistic design and simplicity of use make CryptoControl.io a suitable platform for both professional and amateur users. It serves the main purpose – offering a lot of news from various reliable sources. However, its functionality can be extended for more satisfying user experience. For instance, more personalization options can be introduced (portfolios, forecasts for favorite coins, favorite filters). Besides, CryptoControl should consider introducing a Knowledge Base with information about virtual coins, which may attract a flow of new users.

If you simply want fast access to the world’s most recent cryptocurrency-related news, CryptoControl is a perfect choice. It’s not cluttered with widgets and advertisements, and navigation is intuitive– you’ll know what is what from the first seconds.

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