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Bitcoin SV Price Spiked Up By 95% Again! Reasons And Perspectives Of BSV Discussed By Twitter Users

Thu, 05/30/2019 - 18:00
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Vera Yurina
BSV makes a 95% spike, but what is the reason for it, and how it will behave next? Check out Twitter posts with interesting opinions and predictions
Bitcoin SV Price Spiked Up By 95% Again! Reasons And Perspectives Of BSV Discussed By Twitter Users
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Bitcoin SV (BSV) has made a jump again! This time, it also decreased by 95% beating all records in its history. The crypto community is raving about the spike and yet wondering: what might happen next? Is there’s a chance for the third breakout? Find out what Twitter users think about it: read the reasons for such an enormous rise and BSV price predictions.

Reasons for the spike

So, what exactly pushed BSV to such an enormous height? Some users think it was the previous double bottom:

Indeed, the crash before rise was an epic one, and nobody would predict that BSV can recover so quickly and even get higher. The Binance delisting was fake news, which only added up to the hype around Bitcoin SV.What we saw was a clear price manipulation.


Ironically, it made some people say Bitcoin SV is absolutely not worth anything. The words below express the opinion of many Bitcoin-only fans.

They had to change their opinion in a few hours, though haters gonna hate:

So, what’s next?

Bitcoin SV started drawing the attention of traders, and here and there, people started comparing it with Ethereum saying that the last one will be erased by BSV.

Here’s one more interesting suggestion about the future of Bitcoin SV and its possibilities:

Of course, retracement after such a legendary spike is natural and more than predictable:

Bitcoin Price May Skyrocket If China Starts Selling US Treasuries: Forbes

$44 dump is a relatively mild loss compared to what might have happened, or will happen in the following hours. It won’t come as a surprise if BSV falls below $200 in the following hours.

The main advice now is to sell BSV to make the profit, because the dump might be violent.

Bottom line

Seems like the current bull market is a lucky period for alts, especially Bitcoin forks. Look at the statistics:

It’s high time to sell your BSV because another spike might not happen. This time, it could have been the result of market manipulation and hype.

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