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Bitcoin (BTC) Billionaire Mircea Popescu Reportedly Found Dead

Sun, 06/27/2021 - 14:38
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Vladislav Sopov
Bitcoin (BTC) veteran, crypto researcher and entrepreneur Mircea Popescu reportedly drowned in Costa Rica
Bitcoin (BTC) Billionaire Mircea Popescu Reportedly Found Dead
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Tuur Demeester, seasoned crypto investor and author of Bitcoin Reformation, shared in his Twitter that one of the most significant early Bitcoin (BTC) proponents Mircea Popescu is reportedly dead.

Mircea Popescu drowned in Costa Rica: Sources

According to Costa Rican local media outlet, CRHoy, male tourist, 43, drowned on Hermosa beach in Puntarenas province, Costa Rica. Despite calling the late tourist 'Polish', the outlet cites his name as Mircea Popescu.

Renowned Bitcoiner (BTC) podcast host John Carvalho called Mr. Popescu the father of Bitcoin (BTC) maximalism. On June 24, the heartfelt obituaries appeared on thematic websites.

Web developer Diana Coman also confirmed the death of Mr. Popescu in her Ossa Sepia blog

Journalists added that Mr. Popescu was found flat-lined on the beach by Costa Rican Red Cross paramedics in the early morning hours on June 23. Unfortunately, they couldn't save him.

MPEx founder, OpenBSD saver

Entrepreneur, investor, author, researcher and prominent 'Epicurean', Mircea 'MP' Popescu, grew up in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania and lived in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica and Egypt.

In 2008 he launched Trilema, a blog on social and personal issues. Starting from 2012, he was writing about Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. In April, 2012 he founded one of the first Bitcoin-friendly trading services ever, MPEx. The service was investigated by the U.S. SEC; Mr. Popescu denied collaborating with the watchdogs.

In 2014, he paid all bills of the non-profit behind the OpenBSD operating system to pay homage to its contributors for their 'clamped down, security approach'. OpenBSD leader Theo de Raadt admitted that this OS would have indeed stopped operations if funding could not have been secured. 

The man and the myth of the crypto community, Mircea Popescu insisted he was the only person ever who owned 1 million Bitcoins (BTC).

U.Today sends heartfelt condolences to Popescus’s family and friends.

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