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Shibarium Going Wild, Adds Astonishing Two Million Transactions in Past 12 Hours

Fri, 1/12/2023 - 15:30
Shibarium Going Wild, Adds Astonishing Two Million Transactions in Past 12 Hours
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Shibariumcan explorer shows that today, Shibarium Layer-2 network’s transaction count soared, adding a staggering number of transactions as it hit a new all-time high.

Several representatives of the Shiba Inu team commented on this massive surge in Shibarium utility.

“Shibarium is going wild; so much is happening behind the scenes”

The official social media marketing expert of the Shiba Inu team, known to the crypto community as Lucie, published an X post, exclaiming that "Shibarium is going wild," adding the "the first glimmer of Light" can at long last be seen on Shibarium.

Lucie stated that within the last 12 hours, the Shibarium blockchain was faced with an astounding rise of 2,000,000 transactions. Lucie added that an average block time is now taking five seconds. She added also that "there's so much going on behind the scenes" of Shibarium now, without going into details.

Now, the overall transaction count on this blockchain has surpassed 7,000,000 after reaching 5,000,000 earlier today. This week, the network saw massive surges in daily transactions as well, reaching 35,000 on Tuesday and 29,000 on Wednesday. Today’s number, though, has outpaced them greatly, reaching a whopping 748,230 transfers made within a single day.

The total number of wallets is growing much slower, and by now it has reached 1,277,176.

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Shibarium partner Bad Idea AI unveils major update

Shibarium partner Bad Idea AI (BAD) published a post with an announcement of the rollout of a new update of its AI chatbot for Telegram – version 3.5. So far, it is being used in the “Shibarium Tech” channel.

The BAD team boasted that the new version of its chatbot is “packed with updates that make it faster, smarter, and more fun to use.”

Version 3.5 offers the chatbot faster responses than before (“It's like upgrading from a bicycle to a sports car – everything just moves faster”), and it can now talk to several people at the same time, thus being able to handle multiple chats at once. This makes the chatbot far more efficient, the BAD team claims. “It's like having extra lines at a store's checkout during the holiday rush – way more efficient.”

Further, a slow internet connection will not interfere with the BAD chatbot any more - “it stays steady and responsive no matter what.”

Several other upgrades were added as well, and now users of the “Shibarium Tech” channel will be able to test them all in real time.


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