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TradePlace's Vision: A New Generation of Crypto Exchanges

Tue, 4/12/2018 - 14:03
TradePlace's Vision:  A New Generation of Crypto Exchanges
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TradePlace’s Vision


We at TradePlace are aiming to build the biggest and best cryptocurrency exchange possible. Having analyzed the most popular exchanges and surveyed the trading community, we have discovered what people really want in an exchange and how today’s most popular ones fall short in many areas.

TradePlace will be much more than just a place where you can swap one blockchain asset for another. Our vision is to create a platform that will provide all the features a trader would ever need and then some!

We have heard the cries of traders who are struggling and even leaving the cryptocurrency space altogether because an exchange let them down, and we are here to answer the call to action. No longer will exchanges serve their own interests, but from now on we will build up a platform which will move other exchanges to shame. Our first and only mission will be to serve the community in everything we do, not our own pockets.

The TradePlace team envisions a future where exchanges are multi-featured and expansive platforms serving each user, no matter how much or how little their contribution to the platform is .Come and

visualize with us a community of traders all working together to help each other become better and more productive traders. Even those who aren’t active traders will be able to participate and share their knowledge with others. TradePlace will be the place for people to come together and perform cryptocurrency-related activities without the fear of losing their funds, but instead with the feeling of being part of a movement, an innovative new frontier, the bleeding-edge of the latest financial technology.

Roadmap 2018 – 2020

Below you will find our roadmap which is our future large-scale game plan to revolutionize the exchange industry. Stuff you see here are subject to change, but you can use this to see how we’ve meticulously planned out how we will innovate the best exchange ever.

1st and 2nd Quarter 2018:

- We began searching for answers to the issues of today’s exchanges, and then we met up and started formulating a plan to overcome them.

3rd Quarter 2018:

- We are creating the initial rough design plan of the exchange without any of our partners. This is the first step in the creation of the exchange itself. In the last part of this phase we’ll begin the relationships with our marketing, design and development partners.

4th Quarter 2018:

At this time we will start our intensive marketing campaign to get people excited about our platform. Then, once we’ve received enough attention, we’ll kick off the Pre-ITO (Initial Token Offering) and then the rest of the four ITO stages will follow.

1st Quarter 2019:

- Now the ITO will be over and we’ll have received enough funds to start active development of the exchange. We’ll be creating an easy-to-use KYC system and distribute the XTP tokens we sold during the ITO while also listing our token on at least two other exchanges. The analysis service will begin at this time, with our experts publishing their first analyses. A listing on CoinMarketCap will also be sought during this time.

2nd Quarter 2019:

- The awesome community forum will be set up alongside the live news sharing service. Competition and voting for the adding of new coins or tokens to the exchange will also begin, together with two new exchange partnerships.

3rd Quarter 2019:

- Then we will take the first steps to be regulated by the SEC and/or the CTFC. TradePlace will transform into an auditable exchange to comply with all required legislation and regulations.

4th Quarter 2019:

- All users verified through KYC will be able to receive a MasterCard to spend their funds all across the world. We will also be taking the first steps to create our own blockchain.

1st Quarter 2020:

- The migration of the XTP token from the Ethereum blockchain to our own blockchain will begin at this time. We will also be forming new relationships with more exchanges so that our token will be listed almost everywhere. From this point onwards we will continue to develop new technology and strive to innovate the best exchange and blockchain in the world.

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