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Ethanim Network Formally Entered the Metaverse AR Field, Redefining People, Space and Applications

Wed, 28/09/2022 - 11:15
Ethanim Network Formally Entered the Metaverse AR Field, Redefining People, Space and Applications
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On September 28, Ethanim Network's new official website was officially launched with the core theme of metaverse AR applications, presenting Ethanim Network's ambition to redefine people, space and applications through the underlying blockchain technology. As a comprehensive solution for metaverse from the decentralized bottom layer to the XR application performance layer, Ethanim Network will build a rich and prosperous, open and free, compatible and interoperable metaverse ecology, become the infrastructure and entrance of metaverse, and let Web3.0 and metaverse AR achieve further integration.


It is learned that Ethanim Network will take AR application as an important entry point into the metaverse.

Integrate people, space and applications into metaverse

In essence, the metaverse is a virtual mapping of the human real world. People in the real world can break the boundaries of space and time, live in a digital form and never go offline, thus enabling a perfectly immersive experience beyond reality. People, space and applications are the core elements of the metaverse. The AR application that Ethanim Network wants to create is to integrate people, space and application together into the metaverse, presenting a possibility to redefine people, space and application.

When it comes to redefining "people", Ethanim AR application will adopt a universal interactive 3D virtual avatar model, in which people will have their own 3D virtual avatars in the metaverse and be able to travel freely in the metaverse applications. In addition, Ethanim will also adopt a decentralized identity system-DID, so that people can control it completely and can integrate data from multiple metaverse applications, making them completely autonomous and free.

Redefining "space" is another layer of value that Ethanim AR application will realize. The efforts bring the virtual world and reality together to achieve interactive integration, the wireless expansion of multi-layer virtual space, the freedom to arrange their own space layer, the NFT trade with 3D elements and asset value, etc., these features will greatly advance the "space" to diverse and multi-dimensional level.  

In redefining the "application", the applications in the Ethanim metaverse will be connected, integrated and operated with each other, and users can carry their own identity information and digital assets to travel seamlessly between these applications. The data of these applications will be stored permanently, and the services will run continuously, so that no one can shut them down, making the perpetual life of the metaverse applications possible.

Diverse System Architecture Combined with Multiple Devices

In order to reconstruct the metaverse AR application where people, space and applications are integrated with each other, Ethanim Network will rely on its own underlying blockchain technology to bring together blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, cryptographic security, XR devices, 3D rendering, etc. Through node management, a safe, efficient, autonomous, stable, user-friendly and transparent system of value exchange system will be created, allowing centralized applications to go to a decentralized world and allowing users to touch the real metaverse through AR applications.

At the technical level, Ethanim AR consensus mechanism adopts the Heterogeneous Consensus Graph (HCGraph) algorithm of Trias Leviatom network. At the same time, the decentralized service layer-trusted state machine, the decentralized storage layer-permanent file system, the decentralized rendering layer-Meta GPU, and the visual presentation layer-XR device are adopted according to specific functions to build a complex but orderly decentralized metaverse network system, and finally to drive AR applications with a smooth experience and multi-dimensional digital presentation of people in reality.

In the future, the metaverse AR application will be the key product that Ethanim Network will focus on. Ethanim Network will continue to integrate the most advanced technologies and constantly update AR applications to make them better meet the users' needs, and also leads AR applications truly create its value.

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