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Novel Simple DVT Module by SSV Network Kicks Off

Thu, 11/07/2024 - 14:57
Novel Simple DVT Module by SSV Network Kicks Off
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SSV Network Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) is set to be leveraged by cluster participants to run the DVs associated with Lido (LDO), the largest liquid staking middleware solution for Ethereum (ETH).

Simple DVT by SSV Network debuts on Lido: Details

According to the official statement by SSV Network, a provider of ETH staking solutions for institutions and individuals, its newest Simple DVT module launches on Lido Finance, a mainstream ETH staking protocol.

SSV.Network’s implementation of DVT forms a component of the Simple DVT Module, which comprises the newest Lido-branded staking software module. The module capacity will initially be capped at 0.5% of all ETH tokens staked by middleware users (currently valued at around $30.1 billion). This threshold has been increased to 4% following a Lido DAO vote.

The DVT clusters that were running on the Lido testnet have been evaluated by the LNOSG committee and have started activating keys on mainnet.

Eridian, Simple DVT administrator at SSV Network DAO, is excited by the potential opportunities of the new solution for the Lido audience:

The Lido middleware utilizing DVT protocols including SSV is an important step towards vastly increasing the number of node operators and enabling solo home stakers to participate as node operators. SSV is optimized to serve as a low/no coordination DVT solution and will facilitate the development of trustless modules in the future.

Through the usage of DVT, node operators may also potentially benefit from reduced hardware and capital requirements for stakers.

DVT advances overall liquid staking ecosystem on Ethereum (ETH) 

Will Shannon, a contributor supporting the Lido middleware, welcomes the introduction of Simple DVT by SSV Network on his service:

Incorporating DVT is the fastest way to expand the number of node operators using the Lido protocol to run validators. Simple DVT is the first step, with an opportunity to connect over 300 net-new node operators to the middleware in the first six months following the launch of the module. The SSV team has developed a highly performant DVT protocol that over time has the potential to further the decentralization and resilience of node operators across infrastructure, clients, and geographies.

The introduction of DVT within the Lido software suite will spotlight DVT while strengthening the overall staking ecosystem.

The technology will drastically increase the number of participating node operators using the Lido middleware, help increase client diversity, enhance fault tolerance and potentially reduce bond requirements in the future.


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