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Mysterious SHIB Wallet Burns 40 Million Meme Coins, Here's Who Removed These SHIB

Mon, 3/10/2022 - 13:34
Mysterious SHIB Wallet Burns 40 Million Meme Coins, Here's Who Removed These SHIB
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Over the past 24 hours, a total of 53,663,523 Shiba Inu coins have been burned by various entities and individuals within the SHIB army.

However, this one anonymous wallet burned nearly all of these meme tokens in just one transaction.

40.1 million SHIB destroyed by mysterious wallet

Among the seven transactions shown by the Shibburn website, one stands out as the biggest burn transfer – 40,108,730 meme coins – conducted 16 hours ago.

The second biggest is far away from it, as it burned as little as 1,839,271 SHIB.

Image via Shibburn

Mysterious wallet

Addresses 0xf7adc28b449bac7d2c6811ae8163cd9728eac8f5 proved to belong to the "Amazon burner" of Shiba Inu meme coins – smartphone game developer Travis Johnson, who burns SHIB every Sunday.

One of his tools that brings him a tiny income for burning extra SHIB is an Amazon affiliate program.

This Sunday, he burned a $447 worth of SHIB – 40.1 million coins.

Johnson commented that this time he sent to a dead wallet a smaller amount than usual. However, "October is off to a good start."

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Only half billion SHIB burned last week

As reported by Shibburn account on Twitter, in the past week, the total amount of SHIB locked in unspendable addresses was much smaller than usual.

A total of 563,864,006 SHIB were burned over the past seven days, taking 54 transactions to achieves. This is rather small compared to previous months, when one or sometimes even more than two million SHIB were removed from the circulating supply and locked into dead-end wallets.

Overall September has seen, as per data shared by SHIB BPP account, a comprised 1,743,878,414 Shiba Inu burned.


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