Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Named Two 'Underrated' Blockchain Use-Cases

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 12:41
Vladislav Sopov
Ethereum (ETH) is well-known as a platform for multiple real-world use-cases. So, when it comes to potential underrated sectors, Vitalik is worth listening to.
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Typically, since 2017, leaders of crypto behemoths have avoided publicly supporting early-stage products. But Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum Foundation appreciates developers’ efforts in two blockchain use-cases.

Decade of blockchain-based reputation management

Jay Graber, former ZCash contributor, published a sneak peek from the presentation of the Matrix project that addresses decentralized messaging. She expressed her admiration for the product's progress and its focus on peer-to-peer informational solutions.

Vitalik Buterin entirely agreed with Mrs. Graber.

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Moreover, he predicts that the 2020s will make this sector ‘bigger (...) and split into two main camps: subjective and cryptoeconomic’. 

In further discussion, he appeared as a maximalist in the adoption of such solutions. According to Vitalik, there is no need for centralized intermediaries in blockchain-based reputation management or moderation:

I doubt verifying claims made by centralized systems is the best use case of decentralized systems!

More secure, more decentralized: end-to-end encryption + libp2p toolkit

Mrs. Graber showed some more details of the solutions Vitalik Buterin sent kudos to. According to the slides in her Twitter, Matrix will merge cutting-edge security technologies and game-changing decentralization instruments.

Namely, the famous end-to-end encryption used in Telegram Messenger will also protect the messages of Matrix users.

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Also, a libp2p modular peer-to-peer networking stack will be utilized to establish decentralized connections. In combination with Riot protocol it will guarantee an unmatched level of attack-resistance.

Have you ever user decentralized messengers? Share your experience with us in the Comments!

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