Braver Open-Source Browser Devs Allegedly Threatened by Brave Team, Forced to Rename Product

Thu, 07/09/2020 - 13:28
Vladislav Sopov
Braver Browser is an open-source fork of the well-known Brave decentralized browser. The Braver team forked after a hidden referral link scandal and doesn't use BAT token
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Today, on July 9th, 2020, the Braver Browser team publicly officially announced that they are removing all of their associations with Brave Decentralized Browser, including the name of product. Now, it is going by the name 'Bold Browser'. Allegedly, the team was attacked with a some sort of 'financial threats' by Brave representatives.

Introducing Bold Browser

According to the official statement shared in a tweet, one of the team members (most likely, Dean van Dugteren) received legal threats related to 'what this browser is forked from'. This led Braver to re-name the project and remove all associations with Brave.

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That said, the open-source fork team has already changed the name of their Twitter account and the GitHub main project title. 

Bold Browser is even avoiding directly identifying the attackers and is referring to them as 'the browser that shall not be named'.

As reported by U.Today Crypto news, Braver was an open-source fork of the well-known Brave decentralized browser. Its team forked after a scandal involving hidden referral links that appeared in Brave search engine results. 

The Braver project has been open-source since day one and avoids using the BAT token, an instrument of reward and the native asset of the Brave decentralized browser.

Community enraged

This manner of the Brave team behavior is being severely bashed by the cryptocurrency community. The anonymous trader and investor who goes by the Twitter handle @WhalePanda, outlined that Brave organized a 'shady ICO', but failed to deliver a decent product.

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The Monero (XMR) co-founder, Riccardo Spagni, and legendary cypherpunk and Blockstream CEO, Adam Back, also criticised the attacks by Brave.

Mr. Spagni says that such an attempt to threaten open-source developers may ruin the reputation of Brave browser.

U.Today media outlet is open to hearing any feedback from Brave browser. Should its representatives have anything to add, we will highly appreciate their comments by e-mail: If we receive any comments, this story will be updated immediately.

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