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zkSync Opens Much-Anticipated Era Mainnet to Public. When Airdrop?

Fri, 03/24/2023 - 15:45
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Vladislav Sopov
zkSync, first-ever Ethereum (ETH) L2 scaler with native zkEVM and Account Abstraction, rolls out public alpha version
zkSync Opens Much-Anticipated Era Mainnet to Public. When Airdrop?
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Developed by Ethereum (ETH) veteran Matter Labs, zkSync is arguably the most technologically advanced L2 solution for the largest smart contracts network. Today it launches the alpha mainnet for its network, Era; the community is excited by airdrop rumors.

zkSync rolls out mainnet alpha version of Era

According to the official announcement shared by Matter Labs, zkSync Era mainnet alpha becomes available for all crypto enthusiasts. This is a watershed milestone for Ethereum (ETH) scaling: for the first time, the users can experiment with a network that supports native Account Abstraction (AA), an LLVM compiler and by-default data compression.

Also, this is a crucial accoplishment for the zkEVM ecosystem: Matter Labs released its zkEVM three days earlier than Polygon (MATIC). As such, the rivalry in the zkEVM segment becomes more heated than ever before.

Such impressive technical breakthroughs are elements of an entirely new scaling concept pioneered by the zkSync team, Hyperscalability:

All of these features along with our comprehensive decentralization roadmap are important building blocks for Hyperscalability: our long-term vision of accelerating the mass adoption of crypto with the limitless Internet of ZK-powered Hyperchains on Ethereum.

Meanwhile, in alpha mainnet version, the team will retain some centralization instruments: developers will be able to delay and monitor withdrawals, track proof submissions, order new audits and so on.

Beware: No, there is no airdrop of zkSync tokens

The team stresses that, despite numerous internal and third-party audits, the alpha release comes with its own risks, so it is better not to experiment with large sums of money on zkSync Era.

For the majority of non-tech crypto enthusiasts, the release of zkSync is associated with airdrop expectations. At the same time, the token is not mentioned in the alpha release announcement.

Nevertheless, the scammers have already launched "ZKS airdrop" on newly created websites. To promote them, they hacked the Twitter accounts of various NFT influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers.

As such, it should be noticed one more time that zkSync has not shared the plans of the token launch yet. ZKS is a token that has already been used by another ZK-centric product, ZKSpace, for almost two years.

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