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RevenueBot Changes the Game in Automated Trading with Its Flexible API Toolkit

Mon, 18/04/2022 - 12:18
RevenueBot Changes the Game in Automated Trading with Its Flexible API Toolkit
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Launched in 2018, RevenueBot is designed to offer a secure and reliable trading bot ecosystem for crypto users on various top-tier centralized exchanges. Users can start trading seamlessly and choose the most appropriate bot according to their trading strategies, deposit volumes, market expectations and so on.

revenue bot
Image by RevenueBot

RevenueBot does not control the private keys or assets of its clients. The variability of its solutions makes it the most flexible product in the automated crypto trading segment.

RevenueBot: Highlights

RevenueBot is an all-in-one protocol designed to automate cryptocurrency spot and derivatives trading through algorithmic bots. Built with a holistic approach in mind, it allows crypto traders to enjoy seamless automated trading on multiple platforms for various cryptocurrency positions.

What makes the RevenueBot ecosystem outstanding for Web3 and the blockchain sphere?

  • Noncustodial automated trading experience: RevenueBot does not support “trust management” opportunities as the account owner is the only person responsible for assets and private keys;
  • Flexible toolkit: users can adjust and customize plenty of parameters while setting up their strategies;
  • Single platform, many exchanges: RevenueBot works with Binance, Bittrex, FTX and all other major top-tier CEXes;
  • Spot and derivatives trading in single product;
  • Straightforward registration: RevenueBot may be an endpoint to automated trading for newcomers.

RevenueBot works with both Bitcoin (BTC), large-scale altcoins (Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum) and DeFi tokens (AAVE, 1INCH and so on).

What is automated trading?

Automated trading is a class of techniques designed to place and execute buy and sell positions on behalf of a trader without his/her manual interference. In general, it allows traders to activate this or that strategy of placing bids and asks.

Automated trading is well known for low-volatile markers such as foreign exchange (Forex, or FX), stocks and commodities. From 2016-2017, automated trading systems started integrating cryptocurrency markets.

Largely, traders are required to set up the price range when automated trading is enabled, the conditions of order placement and execution (“Place ‘bid/ask’ order once price of A/B position reaches X level”).

What are trading bots and how do they work?

Trading bot is an AI-powered instrument for trading automatization. It is a software program that can open short and long positions, take profits or cut losses within a predetermined price range on certain assets or asset pairs.

There are some free trading bots, but typically users pay owners of bots to get licenses while starting trading or share the revenues with bot providers.

Besides profitable trading, trading bots can be very useful for newbies to learn the basics of cryptocurrency. Also, they can help advanced trading to optimize their portfolio management.

Introducing RevenueBot, a new-gen automated trading ecosystem

RevenueBot is a “plug-and-play” automated ecosystem of trading bots powered by API integrations. As of Q2, 2022, it onboards 16,015 active bots. The platform has amassed 43,313 users; over 16,000 trading cycles are executed daily across all supported exchanges and trading pairs.

revenue bot
Image by RevenueBot

RevenueBot leverages the Martingale strategy used by generations of stocks and forex traders across the world.


RevenueBot’s team created an unmatched set of tools required for profitable and resource-efficient trading. For newbies to trading, RevenueBot offers a backtesting (demo) mode: it allows users to experiment with trading strategies based on the performance of crypto assets in the past. Also, in “Quick Start” mode, newcomers will be given recommendations regarding every step on the platform.

To maximize profits, RevenueBot automatically switches between trading pairs; no specific action is required from bot operators.

RevenueBot created an easy-to-use dashboard for launching its own bots: users can write and deploy their first bot with RevenueBot. RevenueBot offers a feature-rich toolkit of templates and allows its users to merge the benefits of different trading strategies.

RevenueBot’s instruments are integrated with TradingView: traders can check trading signals from the world’s most popular website without leaving the program. Some well-known indicators, including the likes of  RSI, CCI and Bollinger Bands, are available natively: users can check if their strategy correlates with these crucial indicators in a couple of clicks.


To interact with clients and trading engines of centralized exchanges, RevenueBot utilizes an API application programming interface. An API key is also used to identify clients within RevenueBot’s ecosystem. To start working with RevenueBot, a user needs to get his/her own API key: every exchange needs a specific API key.

Then, API keys should be managed through the API Keys menu of a RevenueBot’s account. Currently, RevenueBot interacts through API keys with Binance, Binance Futures, Bitget, Poloniex, FTX, OKEX and Exmo. Please note that Binance’s COIN-M and USDT-M futures platforms require different API keys.

Fees structure

Unlike its major competitors, RevenueBot charges its users with zero subscription and transaction fees. Commissions will be charged by the platform only after the first profit has been made.

The commission of the platform nets 20% of the profits but does not exceed 50 USD per month (in BTC equivalent), for each product: SPOT, Futures USDT-M, Futures Coin-M. Once the commission reaches $50 USD, the charges stop until the first day of the next month.


To start using the platform, RevenueBot guests should sign in and go through a straightforward KYC-agnostic registration procedure.

Once registration is confirmed through email, the newcomer should choose the currencies for trading, deposit them to their account and go to the bots selection section.

revenue bot
Image by RevenueBot

Then, users should choose between the opportunity to create their own bots (fully customizable) or buy a license for using bots created by trading experts. A mentoring option also allows users to get consulting support from high-profile traders.

Registration with this link might add 10% to your initial deposit; check out main RevenueBot website for more details 

Referral program

RevenueBot’s referral program allows crypto traders to monetize their social media exposure through referral links. Every client can get his/her referral link and send it to his/her friends, followers and audience. Once a new client gets registered through this link, he/she becomes a referral.

A referral links owner gets a reward of 30% of his friends’ commission (15 USD maximum). All referral payouts are made in Bitcoin (BTC).

Closing thoughts

RevenueBot is a next-gen ecosystem for automated trading. It is equipped with an unparalleled toolkit of modes, instruments and opportunities; users can create their own bots or buy existing ones.

RevenueBot works with all of the top-league CEXes, including Binance and FTX through API instruments. It charges clients with zero registration and subscription fees: only profitable traders pay a 20% commission.


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