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Optimism Inches Closer to Major Upgrade Bedrock: Why Is This Important for L2s?

Sun, 07/31/2022 - 13:59
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Vladislav Sopov
New rollup design, Bedrock, is going to change narrative in Ethereum (ETH) scaling with its modular design and flexibility
Optimism Inches Closer to Major Upgrade Bedrock: Why Is This Important for L2s?
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The new upgrade is set to address various major bottlenecks of existing rollup systems and unlock new opportunities for all dApps based on Ethereum's L2s.

Optimism's Kelvin Fichter on Bedrock: "Most advanced rollup ever built"

Kelvin Fichter, a software developer in OP Labs, has taken to Twitter to share the key points of its presentation in Paris. He unveiled what is special about Optimism's upcoming upgrade Bedrock.

He stressed that Optimism developers were focused on making the Ethereum (ETH) codebase a rollup codebase; that's why the two systems are similar in everything but 500 lines of code.

As such, Bedrock is able "to squeeze out every last drop" of gas savings when broadcasting data to Ethereum (ETH). Also, Bedrock Optimism is the only rollup to leverage Ethereum's Engine API.

This set of advantages makes Bedrock the most decentralized, fast and seamless in terms of L1/L2 interaction ecosystem, Mr. Fichter highlights.

Design-agnostic rollups ecosystem

Bedrock introduces a completely new architecture of proofs designed to confirm the validity of L2 transactions by the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet. 

While developing Bedrock, Optimism engineers are focused on achieving client diversity; together with Optimistic Geth, Optimistic Erigon will also be available for L2 enthusiasts.

Last but not least, Bedrock will support interaction with all types of Ethereum (ETH) proofs: both Optimistic and ZK-centric structures will be welcome.

Optimism Revenue Outperforms Layer 1 Networks Following Launch of OP Token

As covered by U.Today previously, Optimism is a major Second-Layer Solution for Ethereum (ETH) scaling. Its ecosystem controls almost 25% of all L2s' TVL.

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