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Is Bitcoin Ready to Make Stronger Move Upwards?

Bitcoin could make a possible reversal?! Technically, it is a good setup
Is Bitcoin Ready to Make Stronger Move Upwards?

*** Please note the analysis below is not investment advice. The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of U.Today. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.

Bitcoin rejected from the strong crossing area

Wednesday’s price action probably gave us a reversal opportunity — on the daily chart, we are in the big Triangle! The bottom trendline has drawn from June 24; the upper trendline has drawn from July 25.

The upper trendline is not as precise as the bottom one, but still, it touches several wicks and plays an important role in the price action scenario.

Bitcoin rejected from the strong crossing area

The triangle can make a breakout in either direction, so as of now, it doesn’t matter whether it is an ascending, descending or symmetrical triangle, it all will depend on confirmations.

We had a pretty low volume days before this week, and this triangle — the triangle tip, to be precise — could be the reason why the price starts rising. The price is pretty close to the tip, and if it is, then it could make very big moves.

Since June 24, we have very clear higher lows indicating that buyers don’t want to see lower prices, and after the drop, they always start to buy higher than previously. That’s exactly what happened yesterday. On the daily chart, we’ve got a nice rejection from the triangle trendline which acts as a strong support level. After the rejection, the price bounced quickly upwards, and after the daily candle close, it formed a bullish candlestick pattern called Engulfing.

This Engulfing indicates that we might see a continuation move upwards, and also, the histogram starts to climb up, and a possible continuation move should happen.

Yesterday’s four-hour chart

Yesterday’s four-hour chart

The Wednesday’s rejection came from a very strong and surprisingly wide area — because of the bear trap and a sudden spike upwards with the big volume inside the candles on the H1 timeframe. It touches and bounced upwards from:

  • The strong support area at $6,250.

  • The triangle bottom trendline, which is also the major counter trendline (plus, the close was above some minor counter trendlines).

  • The major down-trendline.

Those three made a very strong crossing area between $6,250 and $6,320; luckily, buyers were alerted and reacted quickly to push the price above the mentioned levels.

Current action on the 15-minute chart

Yesterday, after the pump upwards, we got our continuation move, and it found a resistance from a strong resistance area at $6,460 (it is shown on the picture above).

Currently, after yesterday’s breakout from the Bull Flag, it makes a throwback into the Bull Flag retest area; plus, there are several price action criteria that could support the move upwards to continue with another wave to the higher levels.

Current action on the 15-minute chart

Technical criteria for the bounce from the current price zone are:

  • Fibonacci golden pocket 62–65 percent.

  • The Bull Flag retest area.

  • Different lower timeframe EMA’s, 100 and 200, working as the supports (15 min, 30 min, 1H).

  • Near one of the counter-trendlines which should act as a support.

So, if we got a bounce from the current level, then the first stronger resistance is still the triangle upper trendline, but if this move upwards is powerful enough to push the price and get a close above the triangle trendline, the strong resistance at $6,460 and the round number $6,500, then it would be on the bullish area ready to make higher highs on the further days or weeks.

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10 Crypto Trading Mistakes: How to Trade Cryptocurrency Profitably

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With these 10 crypto trading tips, you will trade cryptocurrency profitably without loss
10 Crypto Trading Mistakes: How to Trade Cryptocurrency Profitably

Any fool can learn from his mistakes, only a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. These are the paraphrased words of Otto Von Bismarсk, and it is particularly apt when it comes to trading cryptocurrency for profit. The problem of how to trade cryptocurrency to be profitable did not just evolve. It has been a plague for years since the inception of Bitcoin.

Since the Bitcoin bubble in 2016, cryptocurrency has been the hottest trend on the Internet and even though it can be a volatile asset, many people still fail drastically because of lack of knowledge of cryptocurrency trading tips.

You have to learn how to make money with Bitcoin and other altcoins and avoid cryptocurrency trading mistakes. Without wasting much of your time, here are trading tips to follow.

It is easy to make mistakes when you are new to the game

Don’t buy coins based on unfounded tips

This is one of the most common crypto trading mistakes people make. Even outside cryptocurrency, sometimes people hear news about a company’s stock or on a particular job market and they allow what they hear get to them.

How can you avoid this crypto trading mistake?

  1.     By refusing to believe what self-acclaimed experts reveal

  2.     By saying no to relatives and cronies who insist that you’re wasting your time.

  3.     Turn off the TV and refuse any other propaganda being peddled by the media.

Does this mean that you should totally ignore any piece of information you receive? No. You might even be doing yourself more harm that way. However, you can always try to research more on anyone which catches your fancy. For example, you should know to discern what a salesperson says and what the founder of a tech startup says.

Research well before buying cheap stocks

Sometimes, you might feel that cheap stocks are not lucrative enough to be classified as scams. Imagine what will happen if 10,000 people send 0.1 BTC each to just one person? Crazy right? Even though it might not be an outright scam, several cryptocurrencies will never improve in value. In essence, you should have a critical eye for these cryptocurrency trading mistakes so as not to fall into the same traps.

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Don’t rush into diversifying

Many cryptocurrency experts nowadays are pained that there was no way to know these crypto trading tips when they should have known. If you want to know how to make money with Bitcoin, you shouldn’t bother yourself with altcoin trading tips, at least not yet. Try to focus at the start and keep a very centralized portfolio.

Run away from pump and dumps

You might become puzzled and start to question when crypto trading tips began to involve athleticism and races. You must have heard about the pump and dump activities which involve purchasing less-popular coins with very low volumes and then dumping it just to cause loss as people begin to notice the coins’ success.

This puts you in a quandary. How can you identify P&Ds and differentiate them from normal cryptocurrencies which are just enjoying an upward spiral on their own? Tough luck. However, the safest crypto trading tip is to carry out research and then follow your gut.

Double-check coins before sending to an address

Many times people out of impatience or genuine misfortune will send coins to the wrong wallet address when trading crypto. There are even many ways in which this can occur.

  1.     You send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash wallet. Perhaps Ethereum to an Ethereum Classic wallet.

  2.     You send the correct funds to a different person’s wallet.

  3.     You send the wrong amount of funds to the right person’s wallet.

Either way, this might seem like one of those very obvious crypto trading tips but you should try to adhere to it. The loss you might incur might be catastrophic.

Avoid overtrading

If you have followed some of the Bitcoin trading tips or altcoin trading tips above, congratulations. Now that you have made significant gains this is even better. How can you leverage on this and keep the momentum? You begin to trade excessively. Bad move! For example, if you try to sell your coins immediately quickly you see improvement of like 20 percent, you can be tempted to sell and reinvest. The problem with this business model is that you are prone to misjudgment based on the volatility of the market.

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Do not trade emotionally

They didn’t lie when they asked you not to mix business with pleasure or emotions. This is one of the pillars of altcoin trading tips and you can find yourself in a terrible place if you choose to ignore this. It is very normal that one relatively unknown tip will just spike and losing out on this will cause you to aggressively invest in others. You might just end up losing all your assets this way.

Take time off trading

This appears counterintuitive, right? In conventional business, you are expected to put in more hours and then you’ll be promoted and your salary package will increase. Unfortunately, crypto trading tips are not conventional. How to trade cryptocurrency does not involve ways which are made known to everybody. Sometimes, you need to take time off the market, track your losses, celebrate your wins and come back stronger and wiser.

Start off with the right exchange

We have more and more altcoins in the market. And people no longer looking for how to make money with Bitcoin alone, they want other altcoin trading tips. Here’s one- begin your crypto trading career only with one of the several established digital currencies. When you do this, you are sure that the safety of your profits is guaranteed.

Don’t compound your losses

Here’s normal human intellect, you invest in a business and it begins to fail. Rather than getting away from the business as soon as possible, you stick with it and try to ensure that you get away with a least some money. Consider the time and effort you already invested apart from the money you would’ve lost by the end of the day. Don’t let pride get to you; it can instantly decimate your hard-earned savings in no time.

On a final note, it is not so easy to accomplish, although it is entirely worth it. Follow these cryptocurrency trading tips with all seriousness and you’re on your way to self-sufficiency as a result of cryptocurrency.

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One-to-One 3D Service: How Meituan’s AI Product “B-BOX” Serves Customers

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Chinese group buying website Meituan is going to launch their full scene AI product “Better-Box” to serve customers by the end of this month
One-to-One 3D Service: How Meituan’s AI Product “B-BOX” Serves Customers

Chinese group buying website Meituan is going to launch its first full scene AI product “Better-Box” to serve customers by the end of this month.

The new product combines AI, Cloud Big Data, machine vision and 3D photographic projection technologies to provide virtual characters to serve users. The name came from Meituan’s “eat better live better” business mission.  

What “B-BOX” looks like?

B-Box is shaped like a cube, with an AR optical see-through projector on the top. Also, there is a 10mm-AI-chip inside called M1000 to support its operation, apart from that we cannot see other holes outside the box.

Photo via Sohu

One-to-One Service: improve user’s shopping experience

Recently most merchants are paying more attention to consumer’s consumption experience to win profits. The launching of B-Box aims at helping customers make a better choice.

“If you open Meituan’s mobile app, you can talk to the 3D virtual character,” said Renjie Yu, Meituan’s AI technician. “B-Box uses Cloud Computing technology to analysis consumers’ shopping preference, that’s why you can talk to the virtual person in the real time.”

The product will be widely used in all entertainment places such as karaoke, restaurants, bars and hotels. Besides that, B-Box can also help vulnerable populations such as speech handicapped people to better communicate with Uber drivers.

Talking to a 3D virtual character, Photo via China Scitechnology Business
Talking to a 3D virtual character, Photo via China Scitechnology Business

“I am really surprised at their AR Magic Sensor system,” said Siyu Wang, a Meituan user who studies in Shanghai. “ I don’t like making choices; I prefer someone recommend dishes for me especially cater to my taste, that makes me special.”

B-Box not only provides customers better service but also helps merchants know their customers and find solutions to the existing consumer market. As one of the largest retail platforms in China, there are two million merchants registered on Meituan, the company said B-Box is the start of applying AI to customized service.

Now the product is going into the production process and will be put into use on the Meituan platform on April 31.

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CryptoComes Women in Blockchain: Toni Lane Casserly’s Global Vision

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“The Joan of Arc of Blockchain” Toni Lane Casserly shares her vision of competitive governance, financial freedom and interdependence empowered by Blockchain
CryptoComes Women in Blockchain: Toni Lane Casserly’s Global Vision

Toni Lane Casserly has been a Blockchain evangelist from the moment she first discovered the innovative technology or perhaps the technology discovered her, in 2011.

Since then, she has been an advisor to organizations that include the Singularity University, HSBC and the United Nations; a speaker at countless Blockchain events and conferences; and the co-founder and original CEO of Cointelegraph, one of the largest media networks in the Blockchain industry.

CryptoComes spoke with Toni Lane a few days before she presented CULTU.RE at TokenFest in San Francisco. On stage, it becomes clear why the industry has given her the affectionate, quirky moniker “The Joan of Arc of Blockchain.”

The completeness and assurance of her vision, compounded by her uncompromising stance as a woman succeeding in the Blockchain industry, make her a particularly fitting subject to begin the CryptoComes Women in Blockchain series.

Building CULTU.RE

Katya Michaels: You have been involved in cryptocurrency and Blockchain from very early on and have observed this industry from a variety of perspectives. The project you are working on right now is CULTU.RE, a platform for competitive governance and self-sovereignty. Given how passionate you are about freeing humanity from the institutional constraints they were born into, what’s your view of the well-known phrase “Every nation gets the government it deserves?”

Toni Lane Casserly: I would totally disagree with that because government is a closed network. And when you create a system that is a closed network under the guise of civic participation, what you're actually doing is you're incentivizing system to system relationships over human to human relationships.

Blockchain technology redefines our ability to look at governance as a process of peer to peer engagement with a system to human stewardship as opposed to a system to human ownership.

I will never forget a time when I heard someone refer to a refugee as an economic asset. What?! A refugee is a person, a human life, another human being with thoughts, feelings and emotions. Looking at another human being and seeing their only value as an economic asset is unacceptable.

You can't have what you deserve if you are not empowered to create the world you want to see. The only way we're going to be able to do that for every human life is if we are fundamentally incentivizing people to have economic liberation through real open markets that are based on stewardship, generation and interdependence.

Blockchain evolution

KM: You have said before that the most important obstacle to governance through Blockchain is emotional maturity. Do you think the success of Blockchain implementation depends on the evolution of human consciousness or vice versa, the existence of Blockchain technology will drive such an evolution?

TLC: These are interdependent phenomena, and that's actually what Blockchain represents and it’s a core foundation of what we're building at CULTU.RE. Darwin never said “survival of the fittest.” What he actually said is that human species that will thrive and survive through the hardest times are those with the highest capacity for sympathy, altruism, compassion and reciprocity.

I believe it's not merely Blockchain technology and it's not merely evolution in consciousness. So many different things are coming together.

The rise in artificial intelligence and robotics will automate jobs that have taught humans that they are a part of a system rather than a dynamic meaningful, creative force in the world. Those jobs will be gone and new forms of economy will replace them.

We will experience another web of human interdependence through the evolution of biotechnology. We see shifts that are happening tectonically on our planet, along with climate change. All of these factors combined with the economic empowerment imbued by Blockchain are retranslating our relationship to what is really valuable — not just value as a scarce resource, but our human values and principles.

Path to mass adoption

KM: Recently, you joined the advisory board of Divi Project, a Blockchain smart-wallet platform that aims to make cryptocurrency more approachable and easy to use for the ordinary person, triggering a tipping point for Blockchain use. What are the conditions for making the entry point into cryptocurrency low enough for mass adoption?

TLC: I think, more than anything, we will see a shift in access when we experience real global connectivity. Not the opportunity for global connectivity, but actual free public Wi-Fi for every person on the planet. I do believe that is something that will happen within the next ten years, hopefully sooner.

Barriers to entry

KM: Do you think the entry point to Blockchain use and the industry is different for women compared to men, both in the Western world and in developing countries?

TLC: It’s obviously different because of the way business works, though there are some places where I would say it's not so. It’s really about how free women are in a country, and how open is the attitude toward sex because that is the primary thing that's used to oppress the female identity in society. Different women will experience different barriers based on their environment.

I am a white Western woman. I have my own challenges in the world, but I also have my own set of opportunities. There is a spectrum of entry points for women in different areas.

Depending on the cultural dynamic, women are going to have different opportunities and different risks to assess in the situations that they are entering.

For example, the risk profile in Scandinavian countries is significantly lower for women than almost in any other place in the entire world. The risk profile for someone in L.A. is going to be vastly different from the risk profile of a woman working in Silicon Valley, or someone in Europe.

The conversation that most women will experience will be vastly different than the conversations men will experience. In many instances, we have to work 50 times harder to get five times less the recognition, but it doesn't have to be that way. What it's really going to take for women to get the recognition they deserve is valuing yourself and taking ownership over what you deserve.

It's about understanding that whatever stakes are on the table and whatever game is being played, it is not your job to play the game, but you will win when you are able to redesign the board fundamentally.

Overcoming stereotypes

KM: As a woman in the Blockchain space for quite a few years now, have you noticed any difference in focus, as well as in the business approach taken by women as opposed to men?

TLC: There is obviously a difference in approach. When I go to a conference, I will meet a hundred people and some of them will know who I am because of my career in the industry, and they will want to work with me.

But I know that when men talk to me, they will ask about me, my life, where I grew up. It’s not that those questions are offensive or I find them invasive, but their interest in talking to me is getting to know me, for a potential relationship. When men are talking to men, they are thinking about making money together.

We have to realize that this is something unconscious in most of the societies around the world. It’s about surviving, which means acquisition of resources and reproduction- men are focused on the survival of the tribe and women are valued for their fertility. That dynamic still exists in most of the world at varying levels of extremes, with different kinds of cultural norms. So we are still basically primal humans, apes.

But we're getting there; we’re evolving in some ways. I feel like there are some of us who are transcending and reaching these states of higher consciousness. The situations are different, but if you understand that going in, you can generally disarm it.

Economic empowerment

KM: How do you assess the “women in Blockchain” or “women in technology” discourse right now? Do you find it engaging, or underdeveloped, or missing the mark perhaps?

TLC: To get some perspective on this, if we look at the market for ICOs, two of the largest ICOs that were ever raised were Bancor and Tezos, both of which have female leadership. I want to point out that we have seen women do some powerful and incredible things in the Blockchain industry.

Because in Blockchain people are on the Internet, it’s less of a situation where a woman is sitting down privately with a man in a close setting, putting her in a vulnerable position because of the power dynamics in the relationship. Instead, she can say, “hey, Internet here's our work, so you can look at it and if you want to invest, we are opening this up to a marketplace.”

When we are opening up these marketplace principles, it is a huge way for women to gain economic opportunity. We are changing the dynamics for investing in women and fundraising for women.

There's a huge amount of pressure behind the Women in Blockchain movement, and it's because the economic barriers for women are being lifted. It will be amazing for the entire world to see what happens when we give women financial economic opportunity and education.

The number one factor for reducing climate change across the board in the world is an education for girls and women. There’s a reason why the Dalai Lama said the world will be saved by the Western woman. These communities are growing in an incredibly strong way and we're seeing a vast amount of unity between women that are coming together in this space.

It's not about standing together to fight against what's wrong; it’s about standing together to create a future that is right. Those are the kind of movements that we need to build, movements of unity, not of separation.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Investing in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

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Volatility, scams, legality: those are just a few issues that face investors in Bitcoin and altcoins. Remember, invest only what you can afford to lose.
10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Investing in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and other altcoins have been making big headlines over the past few years, laced with stories about incredible gains and devastating losses. It’s the losses that are a hard pill to swallow. Many people ask, is Ethereum a good investment or Bitcoin? Let’s look at the top 10 reasons why you should not invest in Bitcoin and other cryptos. Remember, only invest what you can afford to lose.  

1. Volatility

Bitcoin and altcoins are very volatile, meaning that you could lose your shirt and your trousers if you buy high and sell low. In December 2017, Bitcoin hit its highest price at about $20,000. Fast forward to April 2018, when one Bitcoin is worth about $6,700, a 66.5 percent decrease in value. If you bought in the hype of December 2017, you would be out about $14,000 and for many people, that’s big money.

2. Security

In many countries of the world, banks are backed by the government. In the US the FDIC will ensure your bank account up to $250,000. Many exchanges do not insure your funds in crypto. If they are hacked and your proceeds are lost, you just lost all your money, unless the exchange can reimburse affected users.

3. Value or lack thereof

Bitcoin and cryptos are not backed by anything except belief. But then again, fiat currencies are backed only by the belief in the government that controls it, but at least cash is accepted everywhere. Crytpo derives its so-called wealth from mathematic formulae that are only understood by few.

4. Legality

Crypto is still very new, especially to governments. They are not sure how to regulate it or how to tax it. In some countries, there is a call to have it banned. Imagine being vested heavily in crypto and then finding out it is banned. How can you get your money back? Will you face fines and penalties for owning it? It’s not safe to own in a country that is about to place a ban on crypto.

5. Environmentally unfriendly

The power required to run mining rigs draws so much electricity, that it has become an environmental issue, that consumes valuable resources, pollutes the earth and even disrupts time. In China, Bitcoin mining is estimated to use up to four gigawatts of electricity, equivalent to three nuclear reactors' production levels.

6. Scams

Nothing is worse than being scammed out of your hard-earned cash. Scams and Ponzi schemes abound on the Internet with fake exchanges, fake ICOs, and other ways to steal your money. Whatever seems like an amazing way to double, triple, or quadruple your money in a short time, it probably is. You might also face long withdrawal periods to get your gains out of a rigged system. These are all part of Bitcoin investment scams and should be avoided.

7. No understanding of what crypto is

Many people ask if they should invest in Ether because it is not Bitcoin. Yes, it has a different function other than a store of value, but what makes it different is that it has smart contracts which are fuel and executed by “gas” another sub-set currency of Ethereum. Confused yet? As the old adage goes, don’t invest in something you don’t understand. “Can I invest in Ethereum?” you might ask, and sure you can, but don’t do it unless you understand it. More about Ethereum.

8. Decentralization: who do you trust?

Would you give your money to some guy on the street, who is touting a Bitcoin investment plan? I doubt it. Then why would you place your money into a system that has no central authority to regulate the inner workings of your investment and where your money is going? Could a state-backed cryptocurrency be the answer?

9. Anonymous or not

While Bitcoin is supposed to be anonymous, wallets are transparent. For some types of sales, especially in real estate, your funds need to be verified, it is a bit tricky to do with Bitcoin. Also, the US government is working with a firm to try to identify the individuals who may owe capital gains taxes on sales of Bitcoin. If the government can find you, then the promise of anonymity is false. Better not to get caught up in this trap.

10. Use on the dark web

The dark web is a place where all sorts of online crime take place, such as selling drugs, information, human trafficking, etc. Since Bitcoin is an incorruptible ledger system, that coin could be traced back to illegal dealings and might connect you to a crime: dirty money in other words.

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Coinex Guide

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CoinEx has been on the market for less than a year, but it already made some buzz in the cryptocurrency world because of heavy emphasis on Bitcoin Cash from the beginning
Coinex Guide

What is CoinEx?

Choosing a new cryptocurrency exchange often comes with big advantages in the form of lower fees and numerous altcoins that are not featured on any big and reputable platforms. However, you should be also aware of the risks that are associated with new exchanges, so do not make haste and weight all pros and cons before depositing your money.
CoinEx is a UK-based exchange that appeared in late 2017. It is available all over the world 24/7. While currently being an underdog, this exchange can potentially elbow out some of the biggest sharks in the business because of its innovative features. As of July 2018, it is currently the 25
th biggest exchange on the market (according to coinmarketcap.com) with daily a trading volume that has recently reached $62,5 million. Hopefully, CoinEx will be more successful than its namesake CoinEX.pw which hasn’t recovered after a major hack back in 2014.

Is this a trustworthy platform or just another honeypot like Coinex.pro? CoinEx is inextricably connected to the Chinese mining pool ViaBTC (the 6
th largest mining pool in the world). It was launched by ViaBTC last December following the China’s infamous crypto crackdown that obfuscated the fate of many local exchanges. ViaBTC was forced to adhere to the new law and close its exchange, but in a couple of months, the company made a comeback with CoinEx. In an attempt to circumvent the ban issued by the Chinese government, the new exchange was founded in the UK while being currently based in Hong Kong. There is also Coinex Pallavaram exchange (India) which offers Coinex Forex services.

CoinEx Review

The platform is suitable both for beginners and advanced users, but the fact that you can only trade here without leverage may be disappointing for some active traders who are looking for big gains. Still, while going through this CoinEx review, let’s point out some of its main advantages:

Fast Transactions

Its multi-process matching engine is considered to be one of CoinEx’s major advantages, since it is able to process thousands of transactions in a blink of an eye. Thus, it helps to avoid one of the main issues which is currently associated with Bitcoin (BTC) – long and pricy transactions.

Protection of Funds

CoinEx offers an 100% assurance of each client’s funds. Basically, it means that all the assets can be withdrawn at any time when a user makes such a request while it is impossible to use them somewhere else.

Top-tier Security

CoinEx is able to provide top-notch protection by implementing numerous security protocols (including advanced SSL protocols). The user’s safety is also enhanced by the usage of cold multisig wallets and enabling 2FA. While all exchanges tenaciously make an emphasis on security issues, it is important to remember that hacking attacks are still quite mundane, so extreme safety should be a top priority while choosing an exchange.


Trading Opportunities

Despite the absence of leverage trading, CoinEx can still be considered a high-profile trading platform. TradingView powered chars provide traders with in-depth analysis of the current situation on the market.


Like the majority of other exchanges, CoinEx only hosts C2C trading while not allowing fiat currencies. What coins does CoinEx support? This exchange features a big number of altcoins like CoinEx Stellar (XLM) while it is particularly remarkable because it is considered to be the first exchange that made Bitcoin Cash (BCH) its bar currency, thus increasing the chances of potential slow flippening. A solid focus on Bitcoin Cash that despite going mainstream still remains in the shadow of its bigger brother helps to single out CoinEx among other new exchanges. Choosing Bitcoin Cash as their base currency allows the company to accelerate the speed of transactions and improve the overall performance.

CoinEx has also issued its own ERC20 token that is simply called CoinEx Token (CET). Users with CET get access to certain limited features along with other exclusive rights like a CoinEx vote. The value of CoinEx cryptocurrency is currency about $0,1.

How to Use CoinEx?

As of now, the CoinEx exchange is available for all traders at coinex.com. Here’s a quick guide on how to use it for absolute beginners:

  1. Obviously, the very first thing that you have to do is to click the ‘Sign Up’ button and fill out the following form.

    sign_Up form


  2. Now go to the ‘Trade’ section where you can see the list of all available assets in the top-left corner.

    the trade section

    Similarly to other exchanges, there is also a candlestick chart in the middle of the page. While there is an English version of the site, there is no available translation for some functioning texts like chart indicators that are not translated, so it might be quite challenging to use them for non-Chinese speakers.
    Below this chart you can place a limit order or a market order with the help of this corresponding form. Pay attention to the fact that there is a 50% discount for those who obtain CoinEx’s native token CET.

  3. If you want to engage in trade-driven mining, simply go to the ‘Mining’ section. Only those users who provide their ID scans are able to do this.



CoinEx Fees

As mentioned above, new exchanges try to attract customers by offering them low fees. In fact, CoinEx fees are extremely low. Only takers are charged with 0.1% fee while CoinEx is completely free for makers. However, there are still small withdrawals fees for all the currencies except for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Go to CoinEx website for additional information.


Exchanges Guide
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