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Fake Satoshi Exposes Bitcoin (BTC) Devs: Accuses Theft and Sabotage

Mon, 06/19/2023 - 14:00
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Gamza Khanzadaev
'Bitcoin Creator' Craig Wright slams BTC devs for theft of innovators' work
Fake Satoshi Exposes Bitcoin (BTC) Devs: Accuses Theft and Sabotage
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In a recent revelation, Craig Wright, widely known as the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin and often referred to as "Fake Satoshi Nakamoto," has launched a scathing attack on the core developers of the cryptocurrency. In a series of tweets, Wright accused the Bitcoin Core developers of hindering innovation and intentionally destroying the efforts of diligent builders.

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Wright asserted that every time the protocol is altered, the hard work put in by dedicated individuals is rendered worthless. He further argued that the BTC Core developers disregarded the rights of creators, attempting to merge the concepts of open-source and public domain to effectively strip away property rights and perpetrate theft.

It seems that the conflict between Wright and the core developers has been ongoing since the inception of Bitcoin itself.

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The latest episode in this ongoing saga unfolded when a company associated with Craig Wright filed a lawsuit against these developers, alleging their refusal to assist in recovering assets reportedly hacked in February 2020.

However, the British court, following a thorough examination of the case, has dismissed the claims by the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator. The judge's ruling emphasized that the defendants cannot be held liable for the alleged hacking incident or be compelled to aid Wright in regaining control over the assets. Furthermore, the court clarified that it is not the responsibility of BTC veterans to implement security measures safeguarding users from potential key losses.

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