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Ethereum, Bitcoin and Matic End 2021 on List of Most Profitable Assets on Crypto Market

Sat, 12/25/2021 - 14:20
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Arman Shirinyan
Largecaps are pushing smaller altcoins away in terms of profitability
Ethereum, Bitcoin and Matic End 2021 on List of Most Profitable Assets on Crypto Market
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The most profitable assets on the market contain coins with the largest number of wallets that remain in profit compared to their initially opened positions. While the profitability of the asset depends on its performance on the market, it also heavily depends on the average position price opened by traders.

According to the IntoTheBlock data, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Matic remain at the top of one of the most profitable assets on the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin is showing 82% profitability, Ethereum 86% and Matic currently stays at 98% due to reaching its ATH only a few days before press time.

Large caps dominate market

Due to relatively stable and positive Bitcoin performance on the crypto market in 2021, the absolute majority of traders and investors are closing this year in profit. Bitcoin has retraced only by 26% from its ATH compared to smaller altcoins' 50-60%.

Ethereum, on the other hand, has shown even more impressive performance while losing only 16% from its most recent ATH in addition to showing more impressive performance during the year compared to BTC.

Smaller altcoins are losing positions

While smaller altcoins like Shiba Inu have shown impressive performance during the year, with more than 1000% growth in less than a month, almost half of the individuals holding those assets are either breaking even or are losing money.

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Such distribution is tied to the fact that the majority of the market has entered altcoins like Shiba Inu closer or right at the top, which puts them in an increasingly bad position. With Shiba Inu retracing by almost 60% and other altcoins like LINK moving in the rangebound, a large portion of smallcap investors are closing the year at a loss.

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Arman Shirinyan is a trader, crypto enthusiast and SMM expert with more than four years of experience.

Arman strongly believes that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain will be of constant use in the future. Currently, he focuses on news, articles with deep analysis of crypto projects and technical analysis of cryptocurrency trading pairs.