Chinese Search Engine Giant Baidu Releases ‘Super Chain’ White Paper

Thu, 09/27/2018 - 09:30
Paul Hackley
Baidu released "Baidu Blockchain White Paper V1.0", which describes the network system. WP focuses on "the independent development of the ‘Super Chain’ network system"
Cover image via U.Today

On Wednesday, Sept. 26, Chinese search engine giant Baidu released its “Baidu Blockchain White Paper V1.0,” which describes the company’s new network system, “Super Chain.”

The white paper focuses on “the independent development of the ‘Super Chain’ network system,” and the possible commercialization of Baidu’s cloud Blockchain-as-a-service (Baas) platform. Six applications based on the “Super Chain” are mentioned as well.

According to the white paper, Super Chain nodes “use multi-core parallel computing to maximize CPU utilization and increase throughput,” and hence it is more efficient than the traditional Blockchain.

Baidu will focus on applying Super Chain in many areas, from food safety and product quality to social networking.

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Paul Hackley is a journalist and essayist, focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with a strong interest in the future of the technology.

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