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Upcoming Shiba Inu Web3 Marketplace and Wallet Hinted by This SHIB Burner

Mon, 04/03/2023 - 12:23
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Tomiwabold Olajide
Announcement on exciting Web3 project to be made soon
Upcoming Shiba Inu Web3 Marketplace and Wallet Hinted by This SHIB Burner
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Shibburn, a Shiba Inu burn initiative, says it will soon announce upcoming Web3 projects that will be integrated into the revamped Shibburn site. According to it, these "include a marketplace, wallet, and a few other surprises, powered by Shib token."

It promises to share more details on these as well, soon. The Shib burner has also made known an important update on Shib burning. It says all the while it had tracked burns that occur within verified burn addresses; however, some transactions have been sent to the SHIB contract address, which is also unrecoverable.

The reasons for sending these transactions to the SHIB contract might be intentional or unintentional. The Shib burner also says it has been informed of other transactions that were sent to other contracts with renounced ownership, whose updates will be provided soon.

Other updates by Shibburn

In March 2022, 6,782,788,547 tokens were reported to have been burned; however, with the addition of 326,548,824 sent to the SHIB contract, this now totals 7,109,337,371 SHIB burned.

In addition, for the year 2022, 83,347,071,504 tokens were reported to have been sent to dead wallets. However, with 17,150,817,835 SHIB unaccounted for (these were sent to the contract), the new total is now 100,497,889,339 SHIB burned.

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Currently, the amount of SHIB transactions sent to the SHIB contract stands at 237,970,848,115 SHIB, with a value of $2,608,160. So far this year, there have been 1,002,593,057 tokens sent to the SHIB contract.

The Shib burner also addresses an important update regarding the total supply of Shib on its website, which is now updated to reflect the correct amount of Shib burned so far. The total SHIB burned from the initial supply of 1 quadrillion tokens is now 410,630,074,492,220, and the total supply is now 589,369,925,507,779 SHIB.

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