New! Bitcoin Price Prediction: $3,600 BTC Price Is a Very Likely Scenario. When to Invest in Bitcoin (BTC)?
New! Bitcoin Price Prediction: $3,600 BTC Price Is a Very Likely Scenario. When to Invest in Bitcoin (BTC)?

Stellar News - Stellar (XLM) Debuts New Logo, Saying Goodbye to Rocket Ship

  • Alex Morris
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    🚀🗺️Stellar’s rocket ship is going back to open space to further explore the universe, but the company is not ditching the space theme

Stellar (XLM) Debuts New Logo, Saying Goodbye to Rocket Ship
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Stellar Development Foundation has recently announced its plans to redesign the coin’s logo to make in more appealing to financial institutions. Hence, it will ditch the cartoon rocket ship that has defined the company’s brand.

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‘You’ve served as well’   

The design firm Kurppa Hosk was responsible for reimagining the coin’s logo. The foundation shared the main guiding principles that will define its future visual representation.

The new logo was supposed to be versatile since it cannot solely apply only to one financial service. Apart from that, it should be ‘friendly and inclusive.’ While Stellar is saying goodbye to its rocket ship, it didn’t want to abandon the space exploratory theme.

The new logo is here

Stellar is already preparing for global adoption, so it’s looking for unicode that could be used when Stellar (XLM) becomes a standardized currency. Currently, the unicode symbol doesn’t exist, but after ‘the initial exploration’ they came with the idea of a ‘planetary’ circle. After playing around with the initial variants, a new Stellar logo appeared. As you can see, it resembles the letter ‘S’ and the planet Saturn. It will be a perfect fit for a currency symbol.  

new logodollar

The official stellar.org redesign will take place in May. The company claims that it’s a significant step towards changing the face of the company.

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Stellar News - Stellar’s Price Predicted to Keep Rising as Coinbase Listing News Pushed Gains by 30% This Week

  • Darryn Pollock
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    ✨👑Another coin is having a successful run into its launch on Coinbase Pro, but Stellar looks set to continue gaining after a good quarter🔥 😎

Stellar’s Price Predicted to Keep Rising as Coinbase Listing News Pushed Gains by 30% This Week
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Coinbase has, over the years, been a powerful booster for the price of certain cryptocurrencies. Those that are selected by the major American exchange often see a surge in their price because of additional liquidity and access.

Stellar has become the latest cryptocurrency to ride this wave when Coinbase Pro said that it was accepting deposits of XLM, with trading support coming once sufficient liquidity is established. The process should almost be complete at the time of posting.

Stellar has posted good gains this entire week with as much as a 30 percent bump in the price of XLM preceding the news of the listing in just four days. It must be assumed that there were rumours circulating of the listing that bumped the price, but Stellar has had a successful 2019 thus far.

A coin on the move

Early in 2019, IBM, one of the biggest enterprise companies employing blockchain technology, announced that it has chosen Stellar to be a major partner in its mission to drive adoption of the technology.

From there it has been steady growth for the price of the XLM token as it proves its value as a blockchain asset that could be widely adopted by major companies thanks to the work being done by IBM.

However, it is the Coinbase listing that has helped it in the immediate future with the last seven days showing the price of the XLM token go from $0.085 to $0.11.



Praise from Coinbase

Coinbase, especially its pro exchange arm, has been steadily growing its offering but in a discerning and careful manner. Coinbase has identified Stellar as a potential coin to aid in being part of a low-cost payment network.

According to Coinbase’s blog post, “since its launch in 2014, its vision has been to unite the world’s financial infrastructure so that money can flow quickly and cheaply between banks, businesses, and people. The Internet connected the world’s computers so that information could be shared globally. Stellar aims to do the same for money.”

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