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ShareRing Advances Its Vault's User Interface

Wed, 11/02/2022 - 08:47
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Vladislav Sopov
ShareRing Vault enhances its user interface to make personal data management more streamlined than ever before
ShareRing Advances Its Vault's User Interface
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ShareRing Vault, an all-in-one toolkit for personal data management, upgrades its interface to guarantee a better user experience for Web3 pros and newbies.

ShareRing Vault's interface is upgraded, here’s how

According to the official announcement shared by its team, ShareRing advances the user interface of its flagship development, ShareRing Vault.

Before the upgrade was activated, users were only able to upload, remove and archive their documents to the storage of ShareRing Vault. With an advanced interface and extended toolkit, users can now create, edit and categorize documents without leaving the vault. This upgrade boosts the usability of the product and the general accessibility of users’ personal data.

Also, users can now apply various color schemes to their content in ShareRing Vault, filter documents using preset categories and print them directly from the Vault’s mobile application without sending them to a PC or smartphone.

With ShareRing Vault, Internet users have their data stored in blockchain-based systems with reliable stress tested encryption and unmatched accessibility. Literally, personal data cannot be stolen, tampered or harvested without its owner’s consent.

Advanced eKYC and Skinny ID: New features of ShareRing Vault

Technically, ShareRing is a novel high-performance L1 blockchain designed for on-chain data management solutions in the Web3 era. It brings decentralization to the processes of personal data protection and utilization.

For businesses, using ShareRing Vault can bring self-sovereignty to data management and, therefore, advance the customer experience and the way it addresses the challenges of the modern Internet.

In Q4, 2022, ShareRing advanced the network's electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) instruments. With upgraded eKYC, users can enjoy streamlined sign-in and sign-up procedures.

Also, the platform recently unveiled its lightweight digital identification solution, Skinny ID. With Skinny ID, users can authorize documents using only their names and email addresses on public or corporate domains. This release is another quantum leap in ShareRing’s mission toward autonomy and sustainability in data management for Internet users.

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