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10 Popular Ethereum Mining Pools

Sun, 20/05/2018 - 5:48
10 Popular Ethereum Mining Pools
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How to mine Ethereum coins easily? Combine your power with other miners from all over the world! This list of ten best Ethereum mining pools will guide you through the myriad of popular Ether mining services.


Collective mining is the most sensible alternative to individual mining: by uniting your power with others, your chances to obtain the precious coins rise considerably.

However, just like any other initiative, this task poses risks: you can accidentally get robbed by the 'partners', or they may suddenly leave your team without explanation leaving you deal with the lack of powers and facilities.

Mining pools assess some of these risks and unite miners providing them with a basic guarantee of safety. Let's observe the worthiest mining pools and the peculiarities of each platform. This Ethereum mining pool comparison will help you to figure out the most optimal project.

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1. Miningpoolhub

According to Ethereum mining pool stats, this platform ensures about 7.6 percent of the hashrates in the Ethereum network. What makes Miningpoolhub special is that this is a minor community used by truly professional Ethereum miners. The charges depend on rewards, particularly:

  • transaction fee

  • block finding fee

  • available bonuses

  • additional incentives

What makes Miningpoolhub great is that it’s available in many locations including Asia, Europe, and the US– there are multiple servers that all ensure reliable and redundant mining process. Therefore, if you’re a skilled and well-equipped miner and want more bonuses and better rewards, Miningpoolhub is the best Ethereum mining pool for you.

2. Ethpool/Ethermine

What’s the biggest and best mining pool? Ethereum hunters prefer Ethpool and Ethermine– this is one platform that’s hosted on two separate websites. Overall network hash power reaches 25 percent making it the largest pool of its kind. Ethermine is being exploited by over 60,000 miners, while Ethpool is used by less than a thousand contributors.

Both service charge one fee for all received rewards – it’s the cheapest best Ethereum pool 2016, and its pricing policy is still spare. One of Ethermine’s key advantages is that you can specify the limits for payment threshold (it ranges from 0.05 ETH to 10 ETH per single withdrawal.).

3. Nanopool

Being the third largest Ethereum mining pool, Nanopool generates about 13 percent of network hashrate and is home for almost 40,000 miners. It also offers a low fee- one percent. The interface is simple and intuitive, and users can specify the payment threshold. Despite drops of hashrate, most miners like this platform and trust it.

4. Dwarfpool

Dwarfpool is the most versatile and once the best pool: Ethereum, Monero, Expanse, Zcash and a few other coins can be mined on this platform. Now it’s not as huge as it used to be: it accounts for 4.3 percent of the hashrate. Like the above-mentioned platforms, it charges a one percent fee. However, your balance should be at least 1.01 ETH to withdraw funds. Luckily, Dwarfpool processes payments several times a day. This is a good choice for miners with powerful facilities– if you need a lower withdrawal limit, search for alternatives.

5. f2pool

For some reason, the interface of F2pool is well-adapted for mining Bitcoins, but its Ethereum mining pool is available in Chinese language only, which hinders normal usage. The platform has been around since 2013, and it now contributes to almost 25 percent of all hashrate! Payments are performed via PPS and are made daily. Its servers are spread over Asia and are considered to be highly reliable. You can try it with a built-in translation plugin in your browser, but anyway, it’s far from being the best pool for Ethereum yet.

6. Ethfans

Another Chinese project that deserves being included in our Ethereum mining pool list is Ethfans: it accounts for 8.6 percent of overall network hashrate. If you’re ready to deal with the inconvenience caused by unknown language, you can try aligning your force with Asian users.

7. Weipool

This service stands out from our Ethereum pool list because it doesn’t require registration. Moreover, there’s not the charge of your rewards– you can keep all blocks and revenue to yourself! The payout period is pretty short: the earnings are withdrawn within 24 hours only. There’s one drawback: you need to earn at least one ETH to have your earnings withdrawn. Weipool is a rising star in the field of Ethereum mining, and it really deserves your attention due to the absence of fees and registration hassles.

8. MaxHash

Another mining pool that deserves our attention is Maxhash: it guarantees flawless mining experience due to 24/7 monitoring, powerful servers in the US, Europe and Asia, as well as fast connectivity. The platform charges fees only when the pool brings profit and offers various promotions. Although the website isn’t popular yet, its community is steadily developing and provides users with helpful recommendations and tips.

9. Coinotron

European miners should pay utmost attention to this platform– work in Coinotron is a no-brainer, and the platform is safe. It puts a heavy focus on customer safety:

  • passwords are hashed

  • two-factor authentication powered by Google

  • DDoS protection of servers

  • protection against brute attacks

  • round-the-clock monitoring of performance

To top it off, Coinotron processes payment requests every two hours, and the interface is simple.

10. CoinMine

This is a versatile platform for users from all over the world. CoinMine allows mining different types of coins. It charges one percent fee for rewards and has minimum of 0.1 ETH threshold – optimal conditions for beginners. CoinMine allows for anonymous mining – you can avoid registration and simply use your wallet address. In the Anonymous Dashboard, users can check their miner details.

Bottom line

All in all, the best Ethereum pool is the one that complies with your personal demands. If you’re a beginner, select a platform that has a low minimum payment threshold (0.1 ETH and lower). Tech-savvy miners should select the pools with fewer participants but with higher expertise, like Miningpoolhub.


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