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Bitgert Introduces BEFE, Merging Memes With Blockchain Innovation

Thu, 07/20/2023 - 13:38
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Arman Shirinyan
Bitgert lightens up serious world of blockchain technology with its novel meme character, BEFE
Bitgert Introduces BEFE, Merging Memes With Blockchain Innovation
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Bitgert brings a fresh and engaging twist to the sector with the debut of BEFE, a dynamic and endearing meme character. The integration of humor and innovative technology displays Bitgert's unconventional approach aimed at introducing a slice of lightheartedness into the often complex universe of blockchain and sustainable energy.


BEFE, characterized by his sharp wit and vibrant persona, serves as a novel representative for Bitgert's groundbreaking advancements in blockchain technology. The playful meme character's introduction is a strategic step toward demystifying the labyrinthine technical concepts associated with blockchain. Bitgert aims to foster a more inclusive and engaged community around its groundbreaking technological innovations through the captivating presence of BEFE.

Bitgert has etched a distinguished presence in the crypto universe with its distinct and efficient solutions. Launched as Bitrise on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in July 2021, the project underwent a rebranding phase in December 2021 and emerged as Bitgert. This strategic transition did not impact the native token, BRISE, ensuring seamless continuity for the project's operations.

In February 2022, Bitgert took a significant stride by launching its unique blockchain network, referred to as Bitgert, or Brise Chain. This cutting-edge network, developed on an exclusive "proof of authority" validation mechanism, showcases outstanding capabilities. It boasts the capacity to handle an impressive load of up to 100,000 transactions per second at minimal costs. Such capabilities underscore Bitgert's robust potential on the crypto landscape.

Bitgert's community members, while interacting with BEFE, should be mindful of the fact that BEFE is a meme character conceptualized to personify Bitgert's blockchain technology in a fun and comprehensible manner. Bitgert has clarified that there is no BEFE coin in existence. Any entity promoting such a coin is fraudulent, and community members should treat any such offering as a scam.

Creating next-level ecosystem

The Bitgert ecosystem, known for its robust and efficient capabilities, aspires to revolutionize the blockchain sector. The unveiling of BEFE signifies yet another innovative move by Bitgert. Through this unique blend of humor and advanced technology, Bitgert seeks to redefine the blockchain space, transforming user engagement and enhancing the understanding of this intricate technology.

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As BEFE embarks on his journey, Bitgert extends an invitation to its users to join it in reshaping the blockchain industry, one meme at a time. The initiative underscores Bitgert's commitment to fostering a more inclusive, engaging and fun-filled blockchain community.

In conclusion, the launch of BEFE marks a new chapter in Bitgert's journey. It illustrates the project's innovative spirit and dedication to infusing a fresh, accessible and enjoyable dimension into the realm of blockchain technology. As BEFE begins to entertain and educate the community, the anticipation of what Bitgert will innovate next keeps the blockchain world on its toes.

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