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AOZ Invites Enthusiasts to Join Reservation Campaign for Its "Mystery Box" NFTs

Mon, 11/01/2021 - 13:53
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Vladislav Sopov
10 free NFT kits will be distributed among digital collectibles enthusiasts in 14 days
AOZ Invites Enthusiasts to Join Reservation Campaign for Its "Mystery Box" NFTs
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Eccentric NFT project Age of Z, which is designed to commemorate the aesthetics of so-called "Generation Z" will airdrop its exclusive digital collectibles collection.

10 NFTs for lucky AOZ customers

According to the official announcement shared by Metaverz Studio, its "Age of Z" project has begun registration for its airdrop campaign.

Every visitor of the "Age of Z" website can apply for registration for this airdrop. The registration campaign will take place between Nov. 1, 2021, and Nov. 14, 2021.

Ten "Mystery Box" NFTs will be distributed between lucky applicants. To sign up for the promo campaign, "Age of Z" enthusiasts should visit the "Reserve" module of the website.

After clicking on the "Reserve" button, an applicant will need to connect his/her wallet and confirm integration. Ten "Mystery Boxes" will be distributed automatically after the conclusion of the campaign. Every "Box" will be associated with one unique character from the "Age of Z" metaverse.

The majority of Ethereum wallets and EVM-compatible cryptocurrency wallets with enabled NFT functionality can be used to sign up for this campaign.

AOZ public sale is in the cards

This campaign comes as a teaser of the upcoming public sale of 1,993 non-fungible tokens in the "Mystery Box" collection. The tokensale will be announced as soon as Q4, 2021.

The collection of hand-drawn NFTs will include super rare kings (0.5%), super rare heroes (2%), rare warriors (22.5%) and normal guardians (75%). Ten "Mystery Box" NFTs will also represent characters from various classes. Different categories of tokens will have specific skills and instruments.

"Age of Z" non-fungible tokens are developed by iconic digital artists from the WKgallery team.

As covered by U.Today previously, "Age of Z," or AOZ, is an NFT-centric ecosystem focused on a combination of the AI and GameFi experiences.

AOZ NFTs: 1993 Hand-Drawn NFT Collections Focusing on Zoomer Subculture

AOZ characters will have the ability to reproductively clone and mutate so that the next generation of tokens will represent variations on the initial release.

In the next phase of "Age of Z's" progress, its enthusiasts will be invited to build the Decentropolis in-game world while communicating and exchanging tokens amongst each other. As such, "Age of Z" will act as an integral product at the intersection of the latest trends of the Web3.0 segment.

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