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Shibarium Partner and BitMart Announce Lucrative Offer to SHIB and BAD Users

Thu, 30/11/2023 - 11:47
Shibarium Partner and BitMart Announce Lucrative Offer to SHIB and BAD Users
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Bad Idea AI (BAD) project, a partner of the Shibarium network, has addressed the BAD and SHIB communities, offering for them to take part in a flash-sale of a new interest yield product called Fixed Savings, launched by BitMart crypto exchange.

Also, the BAD team has revealed a platform that intends to make a wholesale purchase of wallets branded by Bad Idea AI to distribute them among their community.

BAD-based Fixed Savings product about to launch

BitMart crypto trading platform has announced the upcoming release of Fixed Savings product based on BAD to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season.

Currently, BitMart Earn starts a "limited-time flash-sale" for BAD Fixed Savings project. It will be released today, on Nov. 30 at 8:00 p.m. UTC, according to the tweet. If users decide to participate, they will have to lock a certain amount of BAD for 30 days and then receive an APY of 90%.

For example, if a user locks 10,000 BAD, the interest earned will be calculated by the following formula: 10,000 * 90% * 30/365 = 739.726 BAD.

Ancient Bitcoin Whale Awakens and Moves Thousands of BTC

CryptiQ Ecosystem to buy large chunk of BAD Tangem wallets 

BAD X account made a "huge shoutout" to the CryptiQ Ecosystem project. This account has shared a video, announcing the upcoming collection of NFTs they made. Prior to that, judging by the video, the project's team raised some money from its users, and the developer in the video shared how they intend to spend those raised funds.

A portion will be spent on 200 Tangem BAD hardware wallets, which will later be distributed to 200 holders of the upcoming NFTs.

They also plan to buy 70,000 BONE tokens and freeze them for a year. After that, they will invest this money to support seven crypto projects based on the Shibarium Layer-2 network built by the Shiba Inu team run by mysterious lead developer Shytoshi Kusama.

Tangem recently teamed with the Bad Idea AI team to release a shipment of BAD-branded wallets. Notably, earlier this year, this Swiss-based crypto wallet producer also inked a collaboration with Shiba Inu and succeeded in releasing two shipments of SHIB wallets on the Tangem basis. The first shipment contained 5,000 SHIB wallets. They are the size of a bank card, and users can hold and trade more than 6,000 various cryptocurrencies with them. These wallets are used with the help of smartphones.

Shiba Inu burns jump 913%

According to data provided by the Shibburn tracking platform, over the span of the last 24 hours, the SHIB community has done a good job, raising the burn rate of Shiba Inu meme coins by an impressive 913%.

This became possible after 82,887,109 Shiba Inu were sent to dead-end blockchain addresses to be locked there permanently.

There have been three transactions in total so far, and the biggest one carried 82,866,999 SHIB meme coins to an "inferno" blockchain address, which was almost all the SHIB that have been burned so far.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday this week, SHIB demonstrated a rise of more than 4%, hitting the $0.00000838 level. However, a 2.31% decline followed quickly, and since then, SHIB has been trading in the $0.0000820 range.


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