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XRP Price Prediction: Will a Catch-Up to $0.5 Happen, or Is It Time to Sell Your XRP Reserves Right Now?

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Wed, 04/24/2019 - 03:00
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Vera Yurina
?️?Ripple price predictions from Twitter. Will there be an epic failure or explosive growth? Find out why traders sell their XRP reserves
XRP Price Prediction: Will a Catch-Up to $0.5 Happen, or Is It Time to Sell Your XRP Reserves Right Now?
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The outcast of all cryptocurrencies, Ripple continues disappointing investors. XRP fans are losing hope in the crypto asset with one of the highest potentials to realize. So, is it time to sell off, or do we need to wait for some time? Let’s read XRP price predictions from Twitter to see what expert traders and amateurs think about it.

Is it all a trick?

The wave of hatred and massive sellout was sparked by this tweet:

How come one of XRP’s holders decided to get rid of his crypto reserves? That seems to be too bad for XRP then. But what if it’s a trick used for pure market speculation? We all know that XRP is created for banks, not individual holders. Thanks to a massive selloff, Ripple might be reaching some certain purposes and manipulate the price movements.

Some are sure it’s some kind of a hint:

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Indeed, the mood of XRP fans is worse than ever:

But what if that’s a test, and the most patient XRP holders will win?

It is interesting to note that the XRP/BTC ratio is growing. While its USD value is falling, XRP holds the grip on other positions:

Not all investors rush to sell their XRP reserves. There’s always “What if...”

So, can Ripple’s XRP break the vicious circle and leave the rows of losers?

Hope dies last

Despite everything, some XRP supporters still believe it will resume moving up:

Here are a few technicals to make it clearer:

XRP should finally break resistance for us to start believing in it again:

Ripple’s xRapid Honored by Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards

Some traders are sure that sooner or later XRP will reach a major breakout, and it must be epic:

Thus, if you still haven’t sold your XRP reserves, keep tabs on short signals:

Out of all cryptocurrencies, Ripple is the latest one to keep intriguing us. While traders are sitting at the edge of their seats, ready to lose patience and sell their XRP reserves, the market is preparing for something special. Will it be an epic failure or a major breakout? Time will show.

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