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Forbes: Crypto Expert Anthony Pompliano Explains Why Bitcoin Price May Hit $100,000 by Late 2021

  • Yuri Molchan
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    Anthony Pompliano details, how the Bitcoin price may rise high enough to hit the $100,000 level by the end of 2021

Forbes: Crypto Expert Anthony Pompliano Explains Why Bitcoin Price May Hit $100,000 by Late 2021

As 2019 kicked off, the Bitcoin price has made a significant rise in value, adding nearly three times of what it had been prior to that. 

In the recent piece, Forbes writes that an expert in crypto investment, a co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano (often referred to simply as ‘Pomp’ in Twitter) explains his theory why in 2021 the most valuable crypto asset may hit a much higher price than now - $100,000.


Facebook's Libra Called A Threat for Current Monetary Policy

Facebook's Libra Called A Threat for Current Monetary Policy

‘Pomp’ speaks about $100,000 per 1 BTC on CNN

After Anthony Pompliano predicted BTC to surge to the $100,000 by the time 2021 ends in one of his recent interviews, the CNN host Julia Chatterley asked him to explain his bold forecast the other day.

His theory is that the current trouble with the monetary policy of the US and the approaching Bitcoin halving will create perfect conditions for the price surge of Bitcoin. When giving an interview on CNN recently, he went into details on this theory of his.

He pointed out that currently, the FED is taking to both of its ‘emergency tools’ that it uses when things turn difficult in the monetary policy – they are bringing down interest rates and are printing more cash (conducting quantitative easing).

The Bitcoin halving, when miners’ rewards will cut down in two, is expected in 2020. The latter takes place every four years.

Initially, miners used to get 50 BTC for each new block. At the moment, this amount totals 12.5 BTC and next year it will reduce to 6.25.

Pompliano also compared Bitcoin with traditional gold, pointing out the benefits of ‘digital gold’ over the precious metal that has been considered the best store of value for centuries.

The difference is, between Bitcoin and gold, with Bitcoin, we know exactly how many is getting created, so 1,800 Bitcoin are going to be created today. The second thing is we know the total supply available, which is 21 million. So, it’s not: Hey I wonder how much is in the ground. We know exactly how much it is, and we can actually go and audit or verify the software code of the system.

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    Can Ripple touch the $1 level this year? Check out interesting opinions and XRP price predictions from Twitter users

XRP Price On The Verge Of Breakout? Twitter Users Expect XRP Hit $1 This Year

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of U.Today. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.


Failing to sustain high price level, XRP is keeping around $0.30. It might seem that Ripple’s XRP stands still all the time, but Twitter users have the opposite opinion. They are sure that big changes are coming, and XRP is simply accumulating power for the price to explode. Can Ripple go to the moon in 2019? What will drive its overwhelming growth? Check out XRP price predictions from Twitter users. 

The history repeats

According to the long-term price charts, Ripple might be repeating its history, and the scenario of 2019 can actualize this year, too:

If XRP breaks out of the current resistance zones, its growth would exceed $1 easily. Some traders are sure it has enough potential to touch the $5 level, too.

Are there any certain triggers of XRP growth? There’s a bunch of theories. One of them claims that Ripple will burn its immense reserves of XRP for its price to rocket:

Although the petition is started, Ripple Labs itself does not plan to burn its tokens – it might have too serious outcomes. 


 Here is the golden section pattern that proves XRP might soar:

However, it’s simply an amateur approach: what works with fiats might not work with altcoins at all. 

Better make mid- and short-term predictions based on traditional technicals, such as Fib levels:

XRP won’t grow overnight 

The short-term XRP price predictions are positive:

But simple moves to $0.4-0.5 won’t make any serious difference. As for higher XRP levels, there is no 100% confidence that we can reach them in 2019.

Don’t rush to the conclusions

All in all, time will show whether Ripple is able of groundbreaking moves. Right now, there are no signs of Ripple going to the ceiling. As one Twitter user ironically noticed, Ripple will discuss how liquidity has changed before they know the numbers:


Has #XRPArmy Turned Against Ripple? Not Really

Has #XRPArmy Turned Against Ripple? Not Really

The XRP conspiracy theory

This post simply could not stay unnoticed:

What we are witnessing now is how Ripple Labs manipulates its XRP stocks and buys/sells XRP in large amounts to shift the value of the coin. Will their efforts turn out to be fruitful? 

For some reason, XRP gets more attractive for other blockchains’ representatives:

Seems like they know something usual traders aren’t aware of. Does it mean Ripple is preparing for a major breakout? Everything is possible.

Meanwhile, Ripple’s bottom levels keep growing from year to year:

Thus, Ripple Labs keeps actualizing its plans, even though slowly. So even if it’s a non-profitable variant for shorts, it must be a great choice for long-term investors. Patience is the key. 

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