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Genius X GENSX Token Public Sale Announcement

Wed, 06/28/2023 - 12:48
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Genius X blockchain-agnostic Web3 accelerator launches tokensale of its GENSX token
Genius X GENSX Token Public Sale Announcement
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Genius X, the first and only tokenized blockchain-agnostic business accelerator and launchpad for fully-vetted, early-stage blockchain startups, is happy to announce the launch of the public sale of its native GENSX token. The total public sale allocation is 83,300,000 $GENSX tokens, and 8,3% of the total token supply.

Genius X — accelerating the best projects

genius x

Genius X Accelerator and Launchpad is a leading decentralized platform that helps innovative blockchain projects to get off the ground. The platform provides support and guidance to promising projects in the blockchain space, helping them to raise funds, build communities, and establish a strong presence in the market. Genius X is already a proud supporter of Maestro, Fluid Tokens, Ledgity, Dropspot, and many more!

As great projects are not limited to one blockchain, in February 2023 Genius X became blockchain-agnostic. This unlocked access to many incredible projects building on Layer One blockchains as well as on Layer Two scaling solutions. 

For accelerator programs, expanding to other blockchains is a natural part of growth as many other similar companies are multi-chain. In March 2023 Genius X announced an expansion to Polygon and in May 2023 expansion to Arbitrum.

Introducing GENSX tokens by Genius X

There are multiple benefits of owning and staking GENSX tokens, but probably the most important one is a source of rewards for stakers, coming both from Genius X Launchpad and Genius X Accelerator.

The mechanism is very simple — the GENSX token can be staked in the Genius Yield staking dApp and this in turn will unlock staking rewards APY from the distribution of a portion of the fees from two sources:

  • 20% of the Genius X Launchpad fees rewarded in $GENSX, and
  • 20% of Genius X project tokens earned by the Genius X accelerator rewarded in that project’s native token, spread out equally over 80 epochs.

Genius X Accelerator Program earns no more than 5% of a project’s native token. Only utility tokens will be part of the redistribution program.

Image by Genius X

Other benefits of staking include:

  • Governance — voting power in Genius X Improvement Proposals (GIP)
  • Participation in the lottery to have a chance to win a powerful NFT.

GENSX Token Public Sale Details

The public sale will be launched on four launchpads:

  1. Genius X Launchpad - Cardano:

Date: from June 29th, 1:00pm UTC to July 1st, 1:00pm UTC

Currency: ADA 

Link to the launchpad: Genius X Cardano 

  1. Genius X Launchpad - Arbitrum: 

Date: from June 29th,  1:00pm UTC to July 1st, 1:00pm UTC

Currency: USDC

Link to the launchpad: Genius X Arbitrum

  1. Red Kite Launchpad - Arbitrum:

Date: June 29th, 9:00am UTC - 11:00am UTC, only 2 hours!

Currency: USDC

Link to the launchpad: Red Kite

  1. ArbiPad Launchpad - Arbitrum:

Date: from June 29th, 12:00pm UTC to 30th June, 4:00pm UTC

Currency: USDC.e  

Link to the launchpad: ArbiPad

The price per one $GENSX token is $0,009. There will be an initial unlock of 20% of $GENSX tokens. The remaining 80% of tokens will be vested over 12 months.

The KYC process is open! Head over to the respective launchpad, connect your wallet, and follow the steps!

Restricted countries

Due to legal reasons, investors from the following countries, unfortunately, cannot participate in the GENSX Public Sale. With advice from our legal team and partners, we decided not to include the following countries because of regulatory reasons:

Albania, Barbados, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Republic Korea North, Gibraltar, Haiti, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Mali, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Senegal, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Yemen, Russia, Belarus, Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Botswana, Bosnia, Anguilla, Antigua Barbuda, Aruba, Belize, Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, and the USA.

About Genius X

Genius X is the first and only tokenized blockchain-agnostic business accelerator and launchpad for fully-vetted, early-stage blockchain startups. Our mission is to create a more decentralized and inclusive future built by the brightest minds utilizing blockchain technology. The Genius X program helps ambitious founders turn their visions from startups into impactful and scalable solutions that add value by leveraging blockchain technology. We accelerate the most promising startups by providing advisory support in areas such as marketing, business strategy, token design, and fundraising, giving them the edge to become successful.

The Genius X Launchpad is the most advanced smart contract-based Launchpad on Cardano and provides a seamless way for investors to safely participate in early-stage project funding, and achieve a maximum potential return for their involvement. The Genius X Launchpad’s operations for token sales are handled by a smart contract, allowing for oversubscription on sales with any unused ADA being automatically refunded to each user’s wallet.

The Genius X Advisory Program onboards professionals who provide consulting services to Genius X Projects founders and teams under the Genius X Accelerator program.

Startups interested in joining the Genius X Accelerator program can get in touch and apply here.

Venture Capital / Accredited Investors — Contact us here.

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