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aelf Blockchain Launches Node Election, Shares Details of Staking

Thu, 11/18/2021 - 17:00
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Vladislav Sopov
aelf invites all block producers to participate in their next round of node elections: details
aelf Blockchain Launches Node Election, Shares Details of Staking
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The ecosystem of node producers for aelf blockchain invites new enthusiasts to join its validator community.

aelf invites new block producers: election started

According to the official announcement shared by the aelf blockchain team, today, Nov. 18, 2021, its node election procedure has begun. In total, 17 node producers will be elected to have the chance to support the process of aelf block validating.

Blockchain heavyweights like Huobi pool, RockX, 8BTC, BountyBlok have already confirmed their participation in aelf’s election process.

Starting from today, two seats for new production nodes will be released weekly for six weeks. Thus, from Nov. 25, 2021, two new producers will join the network every week.

To become a part of the block validation process, potential production node operators will be required to connect their nodes, stake some tokens and pass election/rotation procedures.

To dock in the aelf mainnet, organizations and individuals should ping the aelf team via email or Telegram Messenger. After building a node infrastructure, the operators should submit introductory information to the governance module and stake tokens.

Production nodes in aelf mainnet are chosen by ELF holders. aelf enthusiasts should stake their tokens in the governance system to support this or that validator. The production node set is rotated weekly based on voting results.

Advancing the decentralization of cloud infrastructure

To keep the integrity and security of its mainnet, aelf blockchain introduced slashing rules: all nodes should be devoted to the validating process. If a block producer fails to submit a block in 72 hours, its BP status is automatically eliminated. A stake of 100,000 ELF (more than $55,000 by press time) locked by this validator has been destroyed.

Haobo Ma, CEO of aelf, is sure that this phase of validation system progress is a crucial one for the development of his product:

We set the opening rules to ensure the stability and sustainability of the aelf mainnet. We have prepared our best team to support the election from all perspectives, like the front end, development, operations, and marketing. The start of aelf node election will set the foundation for the development of the aelf ecology and we will have the most reputable node on aelf.

aelf is a novel blockchain-based cloud infrastructure vendor. It empowers dApps developers with a reliable and resource-efficient technical basis for their Web3 software programs.

aelf (ELF) Cross-Chain System Addresses Major Industry Bottlenecks; Mainnet Swap Goes Live

Aelf is well known for its balanced multi-layer infrastructure that is able to connect seamlessly to various mainstream smart contract platforms.

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