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U°OS Network Blockchain Launches Mainnet Operations

Tue, 12/31/2019 - 09:00
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Vladislav Sopov
The U°OS Network, blockchain-based multi-purpose platform for social reputation management, launched its mainnet operations and begun distributing UOS tokens.
U°OS Network Blockchain Launches Mainnet Operations
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The U°OS Network, which provides businesses with cutting-edge social reputation management solutions, has launched its mainnet operations. The U°OS Network will also be distributing UOS tokens.

UOS Mainnet: Operations, Tokens, and dApps.

In a press release shared with U.Today, the U°OS Network team announced its readiness to launch its mainnet operations. Since all of the activities this network tracks are rewarded with real tokens (already seen by Coinmarketcap), the mainnet launch also means the start of U°OS token distribution.

The creators of the U°OS protocol called for EOS block producers to take part in the development of U°OS by balloting and voting in its Delegated-Proof-Of-Importance (U°OS native version of dPoS) consensus. DApp builders are also welcomed to integrate their applications into the U°OS computations infrastructure.

One-Stop Shop Solution for Reputation Management

The U°OS Network team has developed a transparent, distributed, and universal system that allows businesses to manage the reputation of their consumers. It is based on the EOS.IO open-source code, thus merging the concepts of EOS.IO DPoS with the idea that social interactions naturally generate economic activity between individuals or organizations.

U°OS Network's native token, otherwise known as the UOS, is used as the internal currency and payment tool for is purchasing network resources: bandwidth, memory, processing power, and storage. The main use-cases of U°OS Network are similar with those of other dPoS-like systems and include social media management, governance, and e-commerce.

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