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QChain Decentralized Cloud Storage Addresses Security of Data Systems, Here’s How

Sat, 11/06/2021 - 13:00
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Vladislav Sopov
QChain reveals its ecosystem of blockchain-based products for B2B and B2C usage
QChain Decentralized Cloud Storage Addresses Security of Data Systems, Here’s How
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QChain, an integral product focused on advancing the security level of data storage and cryptocurrencies operations, unveils its ecosystem offering.

Cloud storage of Web3 era: What is QStorage DCS

Decentralized Cloud Storage (or QStorage DCS) is a backbone element of the QChain ecosystem and its flagship end-user product. Its team promotes this solution as a general-purpose decentralized platform that stores information in a distributed manner.

Unlike most modern cloud storage systems, it has no single point of failure: it stores every file uploaded through an architecture of distributed nodes. Each piece of data stored by QChain tools is encrypted.

The ability of QChain protocol to divide all user data into multiple parts makes its design attack-resistant. Hypothetical malefactors have no chances to corrupt or delete data as all files are split between nodes.

Access to data through QChain is personalized: the user needs to sign in with his/her unique private key. Data is accessible 24/7 even when some validators are out of the office. Encrypted with a cutting-edge AES-256-GCM encryption scheme, it can be requested by users at any moment.

Last but not least, QChain allows everyone to earn while borrowing his/her data space from the users of the protocol. Such enthusiasts will be rewarded for their unused data space by QChain’s mechanisms. This opportunity is amplified by a multi-level referral program by the QChain team.

In terms of pricing, QChain’s storage solutions are way cheaper than those of centralized competitors and of first-gen blockchain data storage.

Introducing all-in-one DeFi dashboard

QChain tokenomics is built around QDT token, a core native asset of the product. Recently, QDT was listed by top-tier centralized exchange HotBit.

QDT can be utilized in other products under the QChain umbrella. To start with, it is accepted by XGame Chain, which is QChain’s first foray into the segment of GameFi protocols. XGame Chain is promoted as a first-ever decentralized casino of the fifth generation.

The QStaking module allows users to stake their QDT in order to obtain periodic rewards on their idle cryptocurrency.

Last but not least, the QDEX solution allows QChain users to store and exchange their crypto in a decentralized peer-to-peer manner without exposing their private keys to third parties.

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