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TechPay Coin Soars 25% After Announcing Binance Bridge, Will The Growth Continue?

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 08:27
TechPay Coin Soars 25% After Announcing Binance Bridge, Will The Growth Continue?
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TechPay Coin Established Bridge with Binance Smart Chain, Delivering profuse interoperability between the two chains.

  • TechPay Coin (TPC), Arguably The Fastest Layer-1 Blockchain Featuring The Capacity to Handle 300,000+ Transactions Per Second (TPS) With 504 Milliseconds Time-To-Finality, Establishes Bridge With Binance Smart Chain.
  • The Wrapped TechPay Coin (wTPC) Is Live On Pancakeswap.
  • TechPay Coin Is The Platinum Sponsor of Crypto Expo Asia, Singapore.

TechPay Coin's Price Went From $0.29 -> $0.3559; What Could Be The Factors Fueling This Growth?

  • TechPay Chain Achieved Sub-Second Transaction Finality Time, Real-Time Transactions - Transaction Finality refers to the time taken to consider a transaction affirmed & irreversible on the Blockchain; TechPay Coin Becomes the first Blockchain to accomplish Near-500 Milliseconds Transaction Finality without Compromising Security & Efficiency.
  • Transaction Fees - While transaction charges on some other Layer-1 Blockchains are skyrocketing, TechPay Chain requires only a fraction of that amount to operate. Only 0.000007$ was used in the most recent Blockchain exchange. TechPay Coin eliminates the need to encourage validators excessively because it can efficiently handle millions of customers by enabling unparalleled performance levels.
  • The Blockchain Trilemma - TechPay Cryptocurrency solved the blockchain trilemma, which states that a blockchain can't have it all: decentralization, durability, and safety; it needs to give up one characteristic to function. TechPay Coin included all of these characteristics to the best extent possible: Even as the number of operations between every shard is raised, the threat of Blockchain concentration is reduced. Energy demand is drastically decreased because hashing power is not needed to meet the next block.

2.8 Million + Blocks | 9.3 Million + Transactions Without A Single Transaction Failure or Reversal

With the civility of pBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) & DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) Consensus Mechanisms, TechPay Chain boasts "Absolute Finality." which allows it to validate transactions with greater certainty.

While some networks allow for transactions to be reversed due to probabilistic finality, such events are incomprehensible in the TechPay network due to its leaderless design, making security considerably more prominent.

Individuals Can Verify The Claims of TechPay Coin

The Real-Time Transaction Capability of the TechPay Chain is Verifiable on both TechPay's Mainnet & Testnet. Faucet is Live To Claim Testnet TPC on your Metamask Wallet Address. Individuals can add TechPay Mainnet To Metamask By Searching TPC on


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