TechNOVA: AI conference in London 2018

TechNOVA: AI conference in London 2018

This is a crucial opportunity to engage with those at the cutting edge of all AI tech, and learn how AI will shape your long-term strategy and deliver value to your organisation.

Why Attend?

  • Take advantage of the unique chance to hear case studies on how Sky, Santander and The Lego Company are implementing AI technologies
  • Envisage the steps towards full AI integration with take-home strategies from industry giants
  • Understand the latest developments in voice-enabled AI and chatbot technology
  • Gain an appreciation for the role that robotic process automation and machine learning can play in driving efficiency 
  • Decide between two content tracks that will revolutionise your CX or back-office strategy
  • Explore how you can balance human and artificial intelligence in creating the business of the future
  • Capitalise on interactive elements to ask experts and providers the real questions you need answering
  • Network with senior leaders across multiple sectors who have the keys to successful transformation

“Great industry insights and case studies, leveraging AI, machine learning and blockchain technology” – Managing Director, Parcelly 

“A thought-provoking conference that covered the most disruptive technologies and had experts from across the industry share their expertise and insight.” - Chief Platform Officer, Starling Bank

“The people who come to these events are havingthe right conversations with the right people.” - Director of Sales Engineering, EMEA, Sitecore

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