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NiftyPlanet to Hold ENTITIES NFT Drop by Vasiliy Popov

Thu, 9/12/2021 - 7:35
NiftyPlanet to Hold ENTITIES NFT Drop by Vasiliy Popov
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NiftyPlanet will be conducting an extraordinary NFT drop involving the ENTITIES collection by renowned digital artist Vasiliy Popov. The exclusive drop comprising 3333 NFTs will take place on December 8th - get yourself ready for an overdose of creativity!


Shades and colors!

The upcoming NFT drop will be the second for Vasiliy Popov. Inspired by the invisible confrontation of entities within a human soul, the author has tried to express this concept through the medium of digital art. This is how the ENTITIES collection was born, completely unique and hand-drawn. 101 NFTs were sold in a matter of days, one piece was bought by Russian billionaire Igor Rybakov and the collection’s total value exceeded 100 ETH.

It's time to level-up! The 2nd NFT series from Vasiliy Popov raises the bar even higher. The new ENTITIES collection includes 3333 generative NFTs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), all created using an antique bot generator. Like last time, all elements are drawn by Vasiliy’s own hand, only this time, the unique NFTs are being generated and minted using algorithmic generator.

The sale of ENTITIES begins on December 8th at 22:00 CET and will be divided into two stages. Here are some more important details you should know about about the first stage:

  • The sale runs until December 25th
  • 1666 Entities NFTs will go on sale
  • The price is 0.333 BNB per NFT
  • 66 of the 1666 pieces will be sent to holders of the first collection of 101 pieces; thus, 66 out of 101 addresses will receive the new NFTs for free
  • 13 additional  NFTs will be distributed through various competitions on the NiftyPlanet platform

The second stage of the sale will take place on NiftyPlanet around Christmas and will include the remaining ENTITIES. All the details, including the price and some special offers, are to be announced shortly.

Want to get closer to the creator, Vasiliy Popov? Purchase 1 of 3 special NFTs that will also be on offer! This is a  truly rare and unique opportunity to pay homage to the author's talent. For 1.5 ETH, the buyers of these rare NFTs will receive a special NFT character based on their own image. Vasiliy Popov will personally create and send out these NFTs to the lucky buyers.

Challenge the brave!

For collectors who are ready to go even further, Vasiliy Popov and NiftyPlanet have prepared something special. From 2019 to 2021, the author worked on his book titled "Entities". It combines non-trivial thoughts about the endless struggle of opposites in the universe. And now, this masterpiece can be purchased in NFT form. Purchase of his book includes rights to gamification, creation of a movie and the continuation of the original story. Endless opportunities indeed!

“Entities” is available exclusively on NiftyPlanet and OpenSea at the fair price of 500 ETH. But is it truly possible to set an honest price for this invaluable experience; the search for oneself and the frank reflections on the essence of being? We’ll leave this up to you.

Where to participate in this once in a lifetime NFT event? was chosen as a the secondary marketplace partner for this Event. Treasureland is the largest BSC-based NFT platform with a typical turnover of $1-2 million per day. The Entities contract integration will take place around December 20th-22nd - follow the announcements on NiftyPlanet so as not to miss any important information!

Entities are an exciting example of digital art at its best. Vasiliy Popov has done an outstanding job and deserves the worldwide recognition he receives. Join the ENTITIES exclusive NFT drop on the NiftyPlanet marketplace and get your personal masterpiece. The sale begins on December 8th at 18.00 GMT - you are invited!

Don’t miss out on any updates from the NiftyPlanet team and Vasiliy Popov - follow these socials and websites!

NiftyPlanet: Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Website

Vasiliy Popov: Website, Instagram, Discord, OpenSea 

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