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NFT STARS Goes Live on A2DAO: What to Expect from the IDO

Mon, 24/05/2021 - 15:09
NFT STARS Goes Live on A2DAO: What to Expect from the IDO
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A2DAO investment platform has joined the private sale of a new multi-chain NFT marketplace called NFT STARS and will host the project's IDO. The initial DEX offering will go live on three platforms simultaneously on June 5th - BSCPad, Cyberfi Samurai and A2DAO. The new marketplace offers unique services and opportunities to artists, digital art lovers, startup founders and investors, its native token being the key to this amazing NFT world.


"We are glad to welcome A2DAO on board and look forward to productive cooperation. Our team is impressed with the successful traction the fund has shown in the past and the number of startups it has supported. Let's disrupt the NFT market together and make a joint effort to shift the focus from NFT speculation to art appreciation" - Dan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS.

A2DAO joined the impressive list of prominent VC funds that have shown their support during the first two rounds of the NFT STARS token private sale. The NFT STARS idea received funding from Moonwhale Ventures, DAO Maker, AquaBlock Ventures, Pluto Ventures, Platinum Fund, AU 21 Capital, Coin Celect, ZBS Capital, Magnus Capital, Morningstar Ventures, DEXT Force Ventures, BSCP Holdings, Onemax Capital, Basics Capital, Blockhunter Capital, Cyberfi Samurai and Newave Capital. Now, anyone interested in the type of NFT future that NFT STARS is building can join the public sale and acquire some of its native tokens.

The NFT Future That NFT STARS is About to Bring

NFT STARS is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that leverages the strongest aspects of non-fungible tokens in order to create a favorable environment for artists to flourish in, art lovers to build unique collections and investors and startup founders to fund their ideas with NFTs.

Gas-Free, Stress-Free

NFT STARS is a selective marketplace where every artist featured on the platform is carefully picked by the executive board and the community. Each designer has a customized personal page where they can share their story and what went through their minds while creating their art. The team hosts only 3 auctions a day and places emphasis on the meaning that the artist was trying to convey. Thus, each creator is the true star. 

An important twist is that artists don't pay Gas fees when minting their NFTs. The NFTs are minted at the time of sale and the purchaser pays the Gas expenses for the minting process. 

NFT Ownership Collaboration

When two stars meet, magic happens. NFT STARS enables artists to create together and claim joint NFT ownership. When the art is sold, the proceeds from its sale are redistributed among all the team members.

Augmented Reality Exhibitions

NFT STARS gives its artists the chance to see their work in a gallery and to host their first show. The gallery is powered by AR technology and can be viewed on the screen of smartphones. Users from anywhere in the world can enjoy the best works and learn more about their meaning. 

NFT STARS has gone one step further and is about to host its first offline NFT exhibition in Melbourne, Australia in July this year. The purpose of the event is to introduce as many people as possible to the beauty of NFTs and to help them broaden their perspective on art. 

NFT Pricing Scanner

The value of a piece of art is determined by many factors. If a creator struggles to put a price on their work, NFT STARS can run its NFT Pricing scanner that analyzes the market and the artwork on other platforms. It considers the theme and style of the work to provide artists with the best average price that they can sell their NFT for. 

Fractional Trading

The sudden spike in NFTs left many users priced out of the market. NFT STARS re-opens the digital art world to everyone with fractional NFT trading. Instead of paying millions for one piece, a user can own a fraction of it and thus build up their collection. Artists, in turn, can sell a small portion of their creations and retain ownership. 

Initial NFT Offering

NFT STARS introduces a completely new way to fund a business idea - Initial NFT Offering. A startup goes through two rounds of funding, whereby users purchase NFTs to farm the project’s native tokens. It's a brand new type of startup investment that’s powered by the strongest elements of NFT technology. 

Holders of NFTS, the NFT STARS native token, will enjoy these and other services on special terms. Users with NFTS on their balance will be eligible for NFT discounts, platform liquidity mining, will participate in platform governance and have some advantages when participating in the Initial NFT Offering. Save the date and get some NFTS on June 5th!

More About A2DAO and How to Participate in the Offering

A2DAO is an investment platform and project accelerator, operating since 2017. The company helps to raise smart money and cultivate a passionate community around the project, a goal which the NFT STARS team is striving for.

The IDO will be held on A2JUMP, the A2DAO tokensale launchpad. To participate in the offering, a user needs to have some ATD tokens, which they can  acquire on Uniswap. The number of tokens determines the tier and the amount of NFTS tokens you will receive. 

The registration for the IDO on A2DAO will be opened soon. To stay in the loop and not miss the announcement, follow NFT STARS on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram Chat.  

Important note: NFTS is a utility token, many factors outside of the NFT STARS team's control affect its market price. The NFT STARS team does not bear any responsibility.

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