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Gridex's Third Round of GDX Airdrop Offers Exciting Opportunity to Earn GDX by Trading ARB on Arbitrum

Thu, 23/03/2023 - 13:33
Gridex's Third Round of GDX Airdrop Offers Exciting Opportunity to Earn GDX by Trading ARB on Arbitrum
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Gridex, an innovative fully on-chain order book trading protocol, has announced the launch of its third round Airdrop of its token GDX on March 24. Gridex airdrop #3, taking place on Arbitrum One, is open to all users and will run from 24rd March - 12th April.


A total of 1,000,000 GDX will be airdropped over the course of the next 20 days, with 50,000 GDX awarded every day for the duration of the campaign. For the 24th of March, only the half day will be counted, but the rewards will remain at 50,000 GDX.

Airdrop #3 from Gridex coincides with one of the most anticipated airdrops of the year, the Arbitrum airdrop. One billion tokens of the Arbitrum governance token, ARB, will be airdropped to users on the 24th of March, and if you are eligible for the ARB airdrop, the third Gridex airdrop presents a great opportunity to reap even more crypto rewards.

To take part, users simply need to place maker orders on the ARB/ETH (0.05% grid). ARB maker orders (sell orders) and ETH maker orders (buy orders) will take each account for 50% of the daily total reward limit. Hence, both sides will award 25,000 GDX per day.

The latest airdrop comes on the back of a remarkable month for Gridex, with two hugely successful airdrops and the launch of its partnership with Abritrum. The Ethereum layer 2 chain is the talk of the town in crypto, with its scaling technology providing users with fast, efficient transactions and significantly lower gas fees than the Ethereum network.

Gridex airdrop #2 took place between the 1st and 10th of March and saw phenomenal participation from users. The top wallet bagged over 118,000 GDX from the airdrop, which at the prices at the time of writing, is worth over a whopping $140,000.

GDX Token

GDX is the token of Gridex. Until the GDX Chain is launched in early 2024, it will serve as an ERC-20 token on Arbitrum, after which it will become the native token of GDX Chain.

The maximum supply of GDX is 200 million. While it is an ERC-20 token on Arbitrum, its total supply will be capped at 104,000,000. The remaining 96,000,000 GDX will be produced upon the release of GDX Chain.

In terms of the initial allocation, 70% of the total GDX supply will be distributed to the community in the form of airdrops, maker rewards, and PoS rewards. The remaining 30% of the allocation will be used for project development, marketing, and rewarding early investors and core contributors.

Gridex: DEX Protocol of the Future Generation

Gridex is the first fully on-chain order book protocol for the Ethereum ecosystem. it is the solution to issues that affect other on-chain DEXs, such as impermanent loss and slippage.

It is also the only order book protocol that allows anybody to freely and without authorization establish any trading pair. In addition to this, thanks to the innovative on-chain order book model, Gridex has achieved order book gas prices as low as AMMs with no slippage and negative fees. Liquidity also isn’t an issue, as users are able to access both the liquidity offered by other Gridex ecosystem users and the liquidity pooled from other DEXs.

Gridex‘s next step is the development of GDX Chain, which will enable it to become a layer 0 cross-chain order book protocol that supports all mainstream layer 1s and generalized layer 2s, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and Bitcoin. it is devoted to offering an excellent user experience, driving decentralization and transparency throughout the DeFi market. 

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