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Metametaverse, Anitya Introduce Founders Club to Accelerate NFT Adoption

Thu, 2/06/2022 - 14:00
Metametaverse, Anitya Introduce Founders Club to Accelerate NFT Adoption
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A new entity is launching to accelerate the collaboration between projects focused on different Metaverses. Some key figureheads in the Metaverse segment have already joined the list of its founding members.

Metametaverse, launch Founders Club community

According to a press release shared with U.Today, the Metametaverse platform for NFTs and Metaverse creators and Anitya, a one-stop tokenization platform for Web2 businesses, launch a new Metaverse-centric community, the Founders Club.

The new ecosystem is set to promote interoperabilty between different Metaverses and gaming products. This, in turn, will make the entire Metaverse segment more inclusive and attractive for investors.

Metametaverse CEO and metametalang author Joel Dietz higlights that this community will faciliate the transition toward a democratic and newbie-friendly Metaverse sphere:

Sadly, in many crypto metaverses, the tendency is more of a banker that wants to capture all of the money, rather than games that were thought through from the standpoint of optimizing user experience. What I love about games (and metaverse) is that it allows you to not be constrained by how society actually works today. You can imagine new futures and now, with web3, we are one step closer to creating them.

Anitya, a project that allows Web2 businesses to tokenize their designs and migrate to the Web3 sphere seamlessly, is a technical partner of the new product. Anitya's CEO Pedro Jardim is sure it is able to prevent metaverse sphere from ending being whale-dominated:

Who wants to wake up in a metaverse future dominated by a few corporations? We envision this club to be a space for an optimist and collaborative  future where we hopefully together are able to build critical infrastructure to make sure the metaverse stays open, accessible and playful.

Founders Club's constitution and list of initial members are unveiled

In June 2022, Founders Club will come together to organize the first-ever cross-Metaverse game. It will be a scavenger hunt across different virtual worlds.

The new initiative has a very impressive list of founding members that includes a clutch of highly reputable Metaverse and NFT entrepreneurs and visionaries:

  • Metametaverse CEO and metametalang author Joel Dietz
  • CEO Pedro Jardim
  • Space CEO Batis Samadian
  • Terra Virtua CTO Jawed
  • Godot Co-founder Ariel Manzur
  • NFT Oasis CEO & Co-Founder Will O’Brien
  • Spatial Web Foundation Founder Dan Mapes
  • MetaverseTalks Chairman David Bundi

Also, it has introduced a constitution; according to its rules, the project will work on a DAO-like model from its inception.


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