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LayerZero (ZRO) Token of Omnichain Ecosystem Scores Bitget Listing Pre-Market

Mon, 20/05/2024 - 12:32
LayerZero (ZRO) Token of Omnichain Ecosystem Scores Bitget Listing Pre-Market
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The Bitget exchange has announced the listing of the LayerZero ecosystem’s ZRO token as part of the Pre-market proposition.

ZRO token debuts on Bitget crypto exchange

The listing gives users the opportunity to acquire ZRO tokens at preferential prices, allowing Bitget to dominate as the asset’s future turnover venue.

An omnichain ecosystem, LayerZero is positioned as a protocol specifically designed to channel lightweight messages across various blockchain networks. The trustless nature of the protocol, which can be configured according to the users’ needs, ensures message delivery and interoperability among blockchains.

The Pre-market feature is an innovative approach by Bitget, which allows assets like ZRO tokens to gain a following and listing on leading exchanges before official spot trading is launched. The Pre-market also gives access to early pricing and advance trading once the asset is listed on other exchanges, while the primary pre-market venue acts as a launchpad and premier place for user acquisition. The enhanced liquidity access that the Pre-market listing gives is also a major boost to trading experience.

“We are delighted to have listed ZRO and to see it as part of our ever-expanding lineup of tokens on Bitget. The Pre-market is a powerful instrument for attracting users and liquidity to new projects and we encourage others to follow the example set by LayerZero and others before it, who have already taken advantage of this unique opportunity,” as Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, commented on the listing.

At present, LayerZero is connected to more than 50 different blockchains, connecting them via a reliable message conveyor that developers can leverage to deploy a variety of omnichain apps and assets. A core Security Stack connected to on-chain endpoints with immutable data processing, as well as a series of executors make up the technical aspect of LayerZero.

Bitget Pre-market unlocks new opportunities for crypto traders

The purpose of the listing on the Bitget Pre-market is to attract a host of early traders and encourage them to start injecting liquidity into ZRO tokens. Such an opportunity is lucrative, as it allows the assets to be traded before actual release on the market at large. Pre-market is intended for both professional and novice traders willing to access a new experience and take advantage of the unique possibility to trade interesting tokens before their official release.

Bitget Pre-market was launched in April of 2024, paving the way for early access to the assets of such projects as Merlin Chain, Meson Network, Zerolend, Notcoin, and others. The addition of ZRO pushes Bitget even further up the list of the top 10 platforms for spot trading of crypto assets. Bitget currently sports an impressive list of over 800 trading pairs, with more than 700 coins listed. The further development of Bitget Pre-market and ensuing listings are certain to attract even more traders to the platform, satisfying market demand for liquidity and new tokens. 


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