ICO Alert Announces US-Based EOS Block Producer Candidate, Cypherglass

Thu, 05/03/2018 - 10:58
Katya Michaels
ICO Alert Announces US-Based EOS Block Producer Candidate, Cypherglass
ICO Alert Announces US-Based EOS Block Producer Candidate, Cypherglass
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In an exclusive interview with CryptoComes recently, Rob Finch of ICO Alert mentioned his admiration of the EOS platform as a solution for Blockchain scalability and usability. Now, ICO Alert co-founders Rob and Mike Finch have partnered with brother Ben Finch to present a premier U.S. based block producer candidate for the highly anticipated EOS blockchain network, Cypherglass.

The rapidly expanding EOS network is designed to scale to millions of transactions per second. Block producers are responsible for maintaining the network and adhering to the constitution set forth by Block.one, and voted on by the EOS community.

The primary infrastructure of Cypherglass is hosted in Kaunsas City, MO, chosen for its central location in relation to the East and West Coasts. A secondary hot site in Minneapolis and a lab in Portland, OR, Cypherglass, provide additional infrastructure to support the requirements of the EOS network.


Beyond technical expertise and server competency, Cypherglass aims to provide support for the EOS community to help drive transparency, education and real world use.

Ben Finch, Cypherglass Head of Strategy & Marketing, explained the team’s vision of Blockchain adoption with EOS:

“We understand that EOS has the opportunity to be adopted on a mass scale, and the underlying blockchain technology can be and should be reliable to those who use it. Users should forget they are using a blockchain after all, and should simply benefit from the decentralized apps on top of the network. This is when true mass adoption will occur.”

EOS is scheduled to migrate off Ethereum to its own network on June 2, 2018, and in the last two months, a number of organizations have announced their candidacy to become one of 21 supernodes that will support the mainnet, including AntPool, Bitfinex, Huobi and OK Blockchain Capital. 

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